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(edit) @615:e71e13dbd570   12 years hodgestar Properly copy pos when creating parts of speech bubbles.
(edit) @611:7d49f698eff7   12 years hodgestar Ensure that self.selected remaings with self.options in ButtonSet. …
(edit) @527:ba66bacbab22   12 years hodgestar Remove unused imports.
(edit) @521:5a8a7f17597d   12 years hodgestar Add support for 'if': '...' to dialogue choices.
(edit) @507:5373290f2dff   12 years stefano Add >> Leave to Notifications
(edit) @495:a5a57abd5472   12 years firxen Allow K_SPACE wherever we allow K_RETURN.
(edit) @471:2fa205c9a181   12 years hodgestar Make text bubbles less transparent.
(edit) @446:4240854e59b0   12 years stefano Better death screen
(edit) @383:87246b84a851   12 years firxen Notification text.
(edit) @338:af021507a7e3   12 years hodgestar Translucent dialogs.
(edit) @309:342e30c92a85   12 years hodgestar Check whether the new state has text after a state change. If not, …
(edit) @291:04be4219742b   12 years hodgestar Add support for auto_next_text to give the auto_next effect but with a …
(edit) @285:71f15f6e9274   12 years hodgestar Hook up auto_next dialogue events.
(edit) @259:030387133ace   12 years hodgestar Add background to make dialogue more readable.
(edit) @258:d7e6830fe051   12 years hodgestar Link up choices to dsm events.
(edit) @257:3f8ce3452cd6   12 years hodgestar Add support for selecting dialogue choices (and for moving TextChoice
(edit) @256:e43e66f3f647   12 years hodgestar Remove debugging prints.
(edit) @255:8bd442fa89ad   12 years hodgestar Render dialog on screen instead of printing to console.
(edit) @252:ecd26fafbe70   12 years hodgestar Add missing file from previous commit.
(edit) @249:30ae3c681507   12 years firxen Doors and stuff.
(edit) @248:129afb4417cf   12 years firxen Some light cleanup.
(edit) @247:8c0c132b422f   12 years stefano Button widget for cutscene
(edit) @183:691d2795ae3c   12 years stefano Add text shadow
(edit) @182:c9a7ab87e0d4   12 years stefano Text: Actually unwrap in unwrapped
(edit) @136:1e9599e48d7b   12 years stefano Simplistic text wrapping
(edit) @134:4713a2a3b0be   12 years stefano Initial cutscene screen
(edit) @109:982f34d0aac0   12 years stefano Add optional data to identify TextChoice options
(edit) @82:49b25117ebbb   12 years drnlmuller rect.copy() is a pygame 1.9 addition. Work around this.
(edit) @79:fe8652a060df   12 years stefano Simple menu screen and TextChoice widget
(edit) @46:416e40b77924   12 years stefano Multi-line text
(add) @45:7f7b4bfbaf0e   12 years stefano Trivial text rendering widget
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