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(edit) @630:2707b33cbcb7   11 years drnlmuller Unbreak breakable items
(edit) @628:1fdfc7f03d98   12 years firxen Stop flying when you land.
(edit) @627:35919d12b792   12 years firxen Path-based collision minimisation and axis-projection backout.
(edit) @624:83569a6b3ad8   12 years firxen Fix StartingDoorway and velocity clamping.
(edit) @623:65881746dc20   12 years firxen More Sprite hierarchy work.
(edit) @622:da331c80ec08   12 years firxen Clean up sprite inheritance hierarchy a bit.
(edit) @621:851c8726696c   12 years firxen More cleanup. Mostly using utils.c* instead of doing things the long way.
(edit) @620:6cc0d54df531   12 years firxen Some light cleanup.
(edit) @600:50ba0275a3a3   12 years drnlmuller Remove don't crash if we're colliding with a player after being … pyweek12
(edit) @592:1386cae4cc15   12 years drnlmuller Remove don't crash if we're colliding with a player after being …
(edit) @587:79a9b61e12ff   12 years drnlmuller Magical appearing and disappearing Kaneda
(edit) @584:b8bed508036f   12 years stefano Don't steal life from skulls
(edit) @583:194f71cc0689   12 years drnlmuller don't remove kaneda from the geisha room too early (looks weird, but …
(edit) @573:ebca2f14517f   12 years adrianna.pinska made agreement depend on both rice and document; made table square
(edit) @568:1ccb90397c4a   12 years drnlmuller Kanede vanishes again
(edit) @567:488cad3bd62b   12 years firxen Finish geisha fish subplot.
(edit) @562:91ad18a5acf1   12 years firxen Celestial Doorway now counts tails.
(edit) @559:c4b14a517500   12 years drnlmuller Parital geisha mission
(edit) @553:62569f486ede   12 years firxen Debug print cleanup.
(edit) @551:40a104ca0a69   12 years drnlmuller Tear kimono
(edit) @550:ebd51cb1d672   12 years drnlmuller Work on geisha room
(edit) @549:b7f912705adb   12 years firxen Fishmonger now mongers fish.
(edit) @546:05d93c10e5ae   12 years drnlmuller Remove Kaneda after the deal is off
(edit) @544:badc218d1eba   12 years drnlmuller Make business standing
(edit) @543:f36e7a885373   12 years drnlmuller Add document altering
(edit) @538:c1b0ad1c0932   12 years hodgestar Hook up projectile sounds.
(edit) @537:a7b7694644a5   12 years drnlmuller Exclude NPC's from gravity
(edit) @536:03f519443b10   12 years drnlmuller More cannon stuff
(edit) @535:d7f3329a6bf8   12 years firxen Fix theatre mission.
(edit) @534:6c939898c1f4   12 years stefano Skulls to BEHIND
(edit) @532:eec2cf912e03   12 years hodgestar Add tearing rice sound. Only smash breakables once.
(edit) @529:0ffb493a6fa4   12 years hodgestar Add support for sounds for breaking objects.
(edit) @528:52b38b803782   12 years stefano Skeleton for dead monsters
(edit) @526:5613f7b61b23   12 years drnlmuller Stop Sasuke falling off the world
(edit) @525:8087e95ade2f   12 years drnlmuller More cannon stuff
(edit) @522:4de4f94c326d   12 years firxen Move skaapsteker behind stuff and make haiku scrolls display text on …
(edit) @518:be1333278d5b   12 years adrianna.pinska proper image for document
(edit) @516:9a1f8925d227   12 years adrianna.pinska added facings for kaneda and tetsuo
(edit) @515:6c21ba7de1e6   12 years firxen Better signal fire interaction.
(edit) @514:dbf99f763060   12 years drnlmuller Make Sasuke standing
(edit) @509:c85363a8ff56   12 years drnlmuller Make Sasuke non-blocking again
(edit) @508:e4b1a79504f2   12 years drnlmuller Force facing
(edit) @501:9a16483e49cb   12 years drnlmuller Remove 1st set of blocking samuri
(edit) @496:3228239a0914   12 years hodgestar Fix item dropping bug.
(edit) @491:6f110e347f30   12 years hodgestar Fix inventory item fetching.
(edit) @490:0eade58a71b9   12 years hodgestar Support item dropping (specifically tails). Have monk drop tail.
(edit) @489:e5c060dda22a   12 years drnlmuller Rekill zombie player_action methods
(edit) @487:17e01e201f9b   12 years drnlmuller Add default facing to blocking NPCs
(edit) @484:b15b0bd933a5   12 years firxen Fix facing on NPCs and clean up debug prints.
(edit) @475:18427edff33a   12 years drnlmuller Add facing support to npcs
(edit) @474:9e85c30dd12f   12 years drnlmuller Animate signal fire
(edit) @473:14cab059bf39   12 years hodgestar More tails.
(edit) @470:3b680634c546   12 years hodgestar Start of tails.
(edit) @468:73868503c470   12 years drnlmuller Make road Samuri blocking
(edit) @461:c6d1165bb16f   12 years drnlmuller Can talk your way past the guard
(edit) @460:8b9b4706a4d6   12 years drnlmuller Blocking NPC's block
(edit) @451:7f198761a7be   12 years adrianna.pinska boss kitsune
(edit) @450:e2b43fe37ac4   12 years hodgestar Sort actionables with items first, then npcs then doorways. Fix flight …
(edit) @442:a084af91d5dc   12 years drnlmuller Make breakable items break
(edit) @441:f3ccb00df6a4   12 years hodgestar Add life stealing.
(edit) @440:ae0c67788f96   12 years hodgestar Stop flying by hitting down when on the ground.
(edit) @439:400d68993977   12 years hodgestar Become uninvisible when interacting when actionables.
(edit) @438:8ee16cec0f9f   12 years hodgestar Add check for whether we're still flying or invisible to recharge meters.
(edit) @436:32df272a163a   12 years adrianna.pinska maneki neko and fisherman's house
(edit) @435:b6fdaf8e453c   12 years hodgestar Make shield last for one second. Separate out recharge times to allow …
(edit) @434:827c5d045cf5   12 years drnlmuller Don't allow the cannon to be picked up
(edit) @433:fe99a4e04b2b   12 years hodgestar Make recharge time depend on the number of tails.
(edit) @432:e65f6783a9f7   12 years adrianna.pinska placed fire on the road; animation not yet hooked up
(edit) @431:b753ea36909e   12 years firxen Fix the bug Anna found.
(edit) @430:25efc74ac19c   12 years stefano Hook up flight and invisibility discharge
(edit) @429:8b047e74dfd1   12 years drnlmuller Bump the player back into the world.
(edit) @427:1e2eb4df061f   12 years hodgestar More work on shield.
(edit) @426:29e376484f31   12 years hodgestar Start of shield for player.
(edit) @425:fc3b5460d454   12 years adrianna.pinska WTF. Redid change which got eaten.
(edit) @421:c9f8413fe644   12 years drnlmuller Remove pyc files
(edit) @419:845e8e94219f   12 years stefano Show recharge in tails
(edit) @418:c6e9b3006ef9   12 years adrianna.pinska stuff in theatre
(edit) @417:e289a111c743   12 years annamalczyk edited item text
(edit) @412:8ac5b3d619fe   12 years firxen Signal fire.
(edit) @411:a5f54ae9217e   12 years stefano Per weapon recharge
(edit) @410:115e738e209c   12 years hodgestar Become visible when attacking. Enemies shouldn't attack invisible foxes.
(edit) @409:ed26bbfec03a   12 years drnlmuller Add up-down 'Fying' Oni
(edit) @408:bbfc2cc07ba4   12 years hodgestar Add invisibility power.
(edit) @406:9c043be746fa   12 years adrianna.pinska stuff in the teahouse
(edit) @403:2da0db41cdf0   12 years annamalczyk edited items text
(edit) @400:1501d9b7f5dd   12 years drnlmuller Don't allow patrolling monsters to walk off edges
(edit) @399:488ab520408c   12 years drnlmuller Collide with floors
(edit) @398:6850a3ab3aac   12 years drnlmuller Remove redundant check
(edit) @397:00dbc053f9a0   12 years firxen Some item maintenance.
(edit) @396:dc534c2c475c   12 years hodgestar Fix up various power activation checks.
(edit) @395:135cbb99511f   12 years firxen Hook up fan.
(edit) @391:d5381be5079f   12 years hodgestar Also set _max_sprint_time when sprinting left.
(edit) @390:93f13f7d97f2   12 years stefano Initial fire rate-limiting
(edit) @389:64d8e49e9a86   12 years hodgestar Hook up images for lightning and energy drain. Given lightning …
(edit) @388:de71c3fa5626   12 years firxen Tea notification stuff.
(edit) @383:87246b84a851   12 years firxen Notification text.
(edit) @381:56f97d0c6a36   12 years hodgestar Add flying (max flight time is number of tails in seconds). Set max …
(edit) @380:a0afc7c1a4dc   12 years drnlmuller Force projectile image to have right facing
(edit) @376:4d6198b68cb9   12 years hodgestar Add projectile launching method to monsters.
(edit) @374:9530b8dbda5f   12 years drnlmuller 0 health is DEAD
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