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(edit) @629:59556235dec7   12 years firxen Clean up some leftover mess from collision handling work.
(edit) @627:35919d12b792   12 years firxen Path-based collision minimisation and axis-projection backout.
(edit) @626:1abb53ae1a6a   12 years firxen More mild refactoring.
(edit) @625:65882990b9cf   12 years firxen Some mild refactoring.
(edit) @624:83569a6b3ad8   12 years firxen Fix StartingDoorway and velocity clamping.
(edit) @623:65881746dc20   12 years firxen More Sprite hierarchy work.
(edit) @622:da331c80ec08   12 years firxen Clean up sprite inheritance hierarchy a bit.
(edit) @619:4ffa9d159588   12 years firxen Some coordinate operators, to reduce foo_x, foo_y everywhere.
(edit) @553:62569f486ede   12 years firxen Debug print cleanup.
(edit) @460:8b9b4706a4d6   12 years drnlmuller Blocking NPC's block
(edit) @422:7c0643e51f33   12 years drnlmuller Pass bounds to sprite.fix_bounds
(edit) @416:3db2fc263d11   12 years hodgestar Kill sprites that leave the level area.
(edit) @401:55e00f186c6f   12 years drnlmuller imported patch floor_checks
(edit) @273:95e2ef31e714   12 years firxen Hit "down" to interact with things.
(edit) @271:56a529a69e97   12 years drnlmuller Only backout / move-off "solid" collisions
(edit) @267:3bee081ad4ac   12 years drnlmuller Bump up horizontal terminal velocity so sprinting is interesting
(edit) @211:d19b2f610b8b   12 years hodgestar Remove old double debugging rect.
(edit) @186:72e92893ccb8   12 years drnlmuller Use layers for floor check
(edit) @177:88a78fb9fa82   12 years firxen Tweak some constants to make player motion more comfortable.
(edit) @172:bf144d817113   12 years hodgestar if year in range(1980, 1990): continue # how can we sleep while the …
(edit) @161:134ed5e026ae   12 years hodgestar Neatean _check_mask a bit.
(edit) @159:7b111e084aca   12 years hodgestar Fix typo in comment.
(edit) @156:0b0dbfb50e5f   12 years drnlmuller Neaten identation
(edit) @155:b2e0f1246c38   12 years hodgestar Hook up bitmasked based collisions (mask caching may be unnecessary, …
(edit) @152:60138b935bc0   12 years drnlmuller Make enemies block by default, so we can jump off them
(edit) @146:5eb51736464c   12 years drnlmuller Use floor flag
(edit) @144:6b488e1351a5   12 years drnlmuller Buggy ground implementation. Make the world less bouncy
(edit) @128:36267deaccd8   12 years hodgestar Add friction. Remove old dirty sprite attributes.
(edit) @122:51bcc909873d   12 years drnlmuller Saner, buggier collision rectangles
(edit) @121:5f5e43391395   12 years hodgestar Ramming speed, Mr Sulu\!
(edit) @117:b361d9e17c26   12 years firxen Angry fruit salad debug boxes.
(edit) @116:69a97094417a   12 years hodgestar Hook up per-tick sprite animations.
(edit) @112:394a032aeac7   12 years hodgestar Reduce bouncing.
(edit) @105:c455b7925212   12 years stefano Global options in skaapsteker.init
(edit) @104:12ce1d131a72   12 years drnlmuller Hack in resume game option
(edit) @103:aaef228b6358   12 years hodgestar Run kitsune, run! And by the running of the kitsune gravity is …
(edit) @98:449a9579ec7a   12 years hodgestar Remove a debugging print.
(edit) @97:a1d95c6152a0   12 years hodgestar Shiny new collision detection. Read code for usage information.
(edit) @85:6e8cfd6fcd63   12 years adrianna.pinska Avoived?!
(edit) @84:6de531d648c3   12 years firxen Exclude scenery sprites from collision detection.
(edit) @83:07a2ae603bdd   12 years drnlmuller Correct physics comments - units are now pixel based, not metres
(edit) @80:54141a2c46f9   12 years firxen Scenery does not collide.
(edit) @78:f29b7ada68c1   12 years hodgestar Fix bouncing and tweak universal constants to show it off.
(edit) @68:60aa6c3eb96f   12 years hodgestar Implement bounce factor.
(edit) @66:12ec95a2e8ea   12 years hodgestar Bouncing.
(edit) @59:1be1ca704346   12 years drnlmuller Add Layers constants. Set Monsters to player's layer by default
(edit) @57:e545236dd8f4   12 years hodgestar Change back to plain layered updater since everything is dirty all the …
(edit) @53:01cfef3a5acf   12 years hodgestar Add debugging rectangles.
(edit) @51:8efb35009ba0   12 years hodgestar Switch to dirty sprites and layered dirty rendering groups in the …
(edit) @50:7d411ed02eac   12 years hodgestar Initial stab at detecting collisions.
(edit) @43:abbc9ada8dc4   12 years hodgestar Enemies must fall
(edit) @39:34038447be23   12 years hodgestar Very basic world physics.
(edit) @23:5c9f2eeeb629   12 years hodgestar Very start of world / physics engine.
(edit) @22:b815471d4b95   12 years hodgestar Move sprite base class into physics since they're tightly coupled.
(add) @18:81974842b38e   12 years hodgestar Add skeleton for physics and sprites.
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