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(edit) @495:a5a57abd5472   12 years firxen Allow K_SPACE wherever we allow K_RETURN.
(edit) @479:fb9258d66137   12 years stefano New Main Menu
(edit) @454:95527fd29872   12 years firxen More complete game load/save/restart.
(edit) @448:fada4195349d   12 years stefano Credits Cutscene
(edit) @375:8631e38afc24   12 years stefano Usage cutscene (with minor CutScene refactoring)
(edit) @274:e006ec7b3d8f   12 years adrianna.pinska proper levels
(edit) @264:afd9256ad682   12 years firxen Move between doorways. (Still with hacky collision limiting.)
(edit) @262:de60329cfc9f   12 years drnlmuller Factor out sound stuff
(edit) @248:129afb4417cf   12 years firxen Some light cleanup.
(edit) @218:7ee5bd883d62   12 years adrianna.pinska renamed first proper level
(edit) @170:aa154c4086cb   12 years hodgestar Replace scene .freeze and .thaw methods with .enter and .leave.
(edit) @165:8d45715c587d   12 years hodgestar Rename ._game_state to game_state for consistency with engine and …
(edit) @134:4713a2a3b0be   12 years stefano Initial cutscene screen
(edit) @133:aca8b7456c72   12 years stefano Pass engine to all Scene draw() methods
(edit) @127:e1dd3b785269   12 years firxen Initial game state stuff.
(edit) @125:c3f8e7af3c0f   12 years adrianna.pinska somewhat more playable level 3 and a level 5
(edit) @123:592477d8b09b   12 years drnlmuller Add fps to game
(edit) @119:0f24800e9ca8   12 years stefano Display level3 and 4 on main menu
(edit) @110:f64c38c5512d   12 years stefano Use TextChoice data in menu screen (it's no longer hacked to death)
(edit) @109:982f34d0aac0   12 years stefano Add optional data to identify TextChoice options
(edit) @104:12ce1d131a72   12 years drnlmuller Hack in resume game option
(add) @79:fe8652a060df   12 years stefano Simple menu screen and TextChoice widget
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