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(edit) @622:da331c80ec08   12 years firxen Clean up sprite inheritance hierarchy a bit.
(edit) @621:851c8726696c   12 years firxen More cleanup. Mostly using utils.c* instead of doing things the long way.
(edit) @562:91ad18a5acf1   12 years firxen Celestial Doorway now counts tails.
(edit) @561:0236c5fe6ac1   12 years hodgestar Fix bug.
(edit) @555:b83ca72063ea   12 years hodgestar Fix bug where one NPC's dialogue could close anothers.
(edit) @553:62569f486ede   12 years firxen Debug print cleanup.
(edit) @549:b7f912705adb   12 years firxen Fishmonger now mongers fish.
(edit) @523:c7c3f55554d4   12 years adrianna.pinska add tofu and scroll totals to the hud
(edit) @505:a89ab402b569   12 years hodgestar Pause music when pressing pause in level.
(edit) @495:a5a57abd5472   12 years firxen Allow K_SPACE wherever we allow K_RETURN.
(edit) @454:95527fd29872   12 years firxen More complete game load/save/restart.
(edit) @446:4240854e59b0   12 years stefano Better death screen
(edit) @430:25efc74ac19c   12 years stefano Hook up flight and invisibility discharge
(edit) @419:845e8e94219f   12 years stefano Show recharge in tails
(edit) @416:3db2fc263d11   12 years hodgestar Kill sprites that leave the level area.
(edit) @411:a5f54ae9217e   12 years stefano Per weapon recharge
(edit) @408:bbfc2cc07ba4   12 years hodgestar Add invisibility power.
(edit) @407:d97840ee6759   12 years stefano graphicsmagicked grayscale tails
(edit) @405:a0aad1c66643   12 years stefano Tail images
(edit) @390:93f13f7d97f2   12 years stefano Initial fire rate-limiting
(edit) @383:87246b84a851   12 years firxen Notification text.
(edit) @357:742731e6e6fd   12 years stefano Centre small inventory items rather than resizing
(edit) @356:f5148f70ca84   12 years stefano Backgrounds for HUD
(edit) @349:bc40be4ab5fc   12 years drnlmuller Fix negative health bar
(edit) @348:7d4738347a9c   12 years drnlmuller Hook up transformation
(edit) @340:f870e3122ac7   12 years firxen Collect haiku scrolls.
(edit) @339:a9d760134706   12 years hodgestar Rename ItemRepopulationEvent to AddSprite before repurposing it for …
(edit) @324:ca428c1451a2   12 years drnlmuller Hook up drawing tofu and scroll counts
(edit) @318:bd137fdfe3c6   12 years drnlmuller Draw tails
(edit) @315:0fc2b9d1a9cb   12 years drnlmuller Recreate inventory image on scene changes
(edit) @314:f29999d1bba6   12 years drnlmuller Add inventory drawing
(edit) @313:7db1b7c5c961   12 years drnlmuller Add health bar
(edit) @302:78220c989e6a   12 years hodgestar Add supporting for flicking between speaking NPCs.
(edit) @290:c68f2f3efc7f   12 years firxen Item dropping and swapping.
(edit) @288:ddcfc159dc2a   12 years hodgestar Combine 'fox' and 'player' sections in game.json.
(edit) @273:95e2ef31e714   12 years firxen Hit "down" to interact with things.
(edit) @270:e47efa33903b   12 years firxen Fixed key sequence handling.
(edit) @268:401102f16a42   12 years drnlmuller Avoid crash when key-down & key-up pairs are split across scenes
(edit) @265:7628467eecd9   12 years drnlmuller Add double-key tap support
(edit) @264:afd9256ad682   12 years firxen Move between doorways. (Still with hacky collision limiting.)
(edit) @263:44cd7cfd2de3   12 years drnlmuller Yelp when hit
(edit) @262:de60329cfc9f   12 years drnlmuller Factor out sound stuff
(edit) @251:432f6997d306   12 years hodgestar More hooking up of interacting with NPCs.
(edit) @250:8d7edd77bfbf   12 years hodgestar Start hooking up NPC interactions.
(edit) @248:129afb4417cf   12 years firxen Some light cleanup.
(edit) @244:5bbf90e6a94b   12 years drnlmuller Add minimal support for player death
(edit) @243:4050e77dade6   12 years drnlmuller Add support for background music tracks
(edit) @206:e2acf4663065   12 years drnlmuller Move fox properties to the world
(edit) @189:9d08f99b5ddf   12 years hodgestar Add npcs to gamestate. Update gamestate. Pass world around a bit. Some …
(edit) @183:691d2795ae3c   12 years stefano Add text shadow
(edit) @173:21d34f1f15b2   12 years hodgestar Press p to pause.
(edit) @170:aa154c4086cb   12 years hodgestar Replace scene .freeze and .thaw methods with .enter and .leave.
(edit) @169:b7a8f4a677e1   12 years hodgestar Replace key repeating with custom tracking of fast keys.
(edit) @165:8d45715c587d   12 years hodgestar Rename ._game_state to game_state for consistency with engine and …
(edit) @150:a5ca417ee39a   12 years firxen Centre camera one tile higher then the midbottom of the player, to …
(edit) @145:fec9ed36e9a2   12 years drnlmuller Base camera off player collide_rect, so facing changes don't cause …
(edit) @141:753bd89f0d96   12 years firxen Fix change-level-from-menu crash.
(edit) @131:85e2fa1f77c2   12 years firxen Fix game state-related level load crash.
(edit) @127:e1dd3b785269   12 years firxen Initial game state stuff.
(edit) @124:fde3d25cb4b9   12 years hodgestar Replace custom clamping code with a call to .clamp_ip.
(edit) @123:592477d8b09b   12 years drnlmuller Add fps to game
(edit) @114:f7d9464ed075   12 years hodgestar Remove debugging print.
(edit) @111:601d2a500e4a   12 years hodgestar Hook up scrolling.
(edit) @106:bf7d511d3650   12 years stefano Dvorak support
(edit) @104:12ce1d131a72   12 years drnlmuller Hack in resume game option
(edit) @102:2e913a89e69d   12 years hodgestar Link up key presses to calls to action functions on player and to …
(edit) @88:bf4adb40ca3c   12 years drnlmuller Rough outline of a player object, completely with statuesque flying fox
(edit) @50:7d411ed02eac   12 years hodgestar Initial stab at detecting collisions.
(edit) @43:abbc9ada8dc4   12 years hodgestar Enemies must fall
(edit) @42:4a9e26f1f35a   12 years drnlmuller Remove area keyword for pygame 1.8 compatability
(edit) @40:fa1bb94cfa76   12 years hodgestar Re-factor drawing to blit to a clip rect in the One True Level Surface …
(edit) @16:e2837dd40607   12 years hodgestar Show how to use dispatch on levelscene.
(add) @15:538d15e6cca1   12 years hodgestar Add level scenes
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