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(edit) @623:65881746dc20   12 years firxen More Sprite hierarchy work.
(edit) @621:851c8726696c   12 years firxen More cleanup. Mostly using utils.c* instead of doing things the long way.
(edit) @612:a91b2e4400a5   12 years hodgestar Fallback to using simplejson if json does not exist (this appears to …
(edit) @522:4de4f94c326d   12 years firxen Move skaapsteker behind stuff and make haiku scrolls display text on …
(edit) @513:dae89441e99b   12 years firxen Skaapsteker in the bamboo.
(edit) @463:4dda5a0e4cf1   12 years firxen Better background clipping.
(edit) @453:9c9df17b98a7   12 years hodgestar Add support for choosing a volume. A music to temple.
(edit) @428:6a8f98335a53   12 years firxen Crop background image if necessary.
(edit) @344:0bea8508484d   12 years adrianna.pinska moar decorative tiles
(edit) @341:9a0f0ea687da   12 years adrianna.pinska removed per-set decor tiles; created common set of decorative tiles; …
(edit) @282:e157119d5e84   12 years adrianna.pinska added doorways to debuggable level elements
(edit) @279:8d2e4b2a65bf   12 years adrianna.pinska fixed level editor
(edit) @264:afd9256ad682   12 years firxen Move between doorways. (Still with hacky collision limiting.)
(edit) @262:de60329cfc9f   12 years drnlmuller Factor out sound stuff
(edit) @249:30ae3c681507   12 years firxen Doors and stuff.
(edit) @248:129afb4417cf   12 years firxen Some light cleanup.
(edit) @243:4050e77dade6   12 years drnlmuller Add support for background music tracks
(edit) @127:e1dd3b785269   12 years firxen Initial game state stuff.
(edit) @119:0f24800e9ca8   12 years stefano Display level3 and 4 on main menu
(edit) @118:081f78470dcf   12 years firxen Fix misclassified tiles.
(edit) @107:a770ac0c3385   12 years adrianna.pinska created xcf with tile shapes and Olli's backgrounds; wrote xcf2png …
(edit) @101:b502e732f821   12 years stefano Add ? object-placement-help tiles
(edit) @97:a1d95c6152a0   12 years hodgestar Shiny new collision detection. Read code for usage information.
(edit) @94:75fa8d6fbf49   12 years drnlmuller Add defaults for player info in level load
(edit) @88:bf4adb40ca3c   12 years drnlmuller Rough outline of a player object, completely with statuesque flying fox
(edit) @75:95cb0b575e05   12 years firxen Enemies in level editor, tile layers.
(edit) @69:e4089417766e   12 years firxen FPS counter and tile sprite layering.
(edit) @65:bcf3d0b2a6d8   12 years firxen Some tile parameters.
(edit) @64:13b9031febeb   12 years drnlmuller remove SRCALPHA flag for performance reasons
(edit) @63:5b1778ed0e34   12 years adrianna.pinska moar tile
(edit) @55:b8a6191bfc8c   12 years adrianna.pinska some betterer tiles, plus no blank tile
(edit) @52:a18bf35519f3   12 years firxen Multiple layered backgrounds.
(edit) @50:7d411ed02eac   12 years hodgestar Initial stab at detecting collisions.
(edit) @47:215e2e74c244   12 years firxen Better dummy monster.
(edit) @42:4a9e26f1f35a   12 years drnlmuller Remove area keyword for pygame 1.8 compatability
(edit) @40:fa1bb94cfa76   12 years hodgestar Re-factor drawing to blit to a clip rect in the One True Level Surface …
(edit) @35:38d2f7c43d86   12 years firxen Sprite-based tiles. \o/
(edit) @28:94d5ebaa912f   12 years hodgestar Example for global sprite importing.
(edit) @25:fe87d828d093   12 years firxen Very basic enemy support.
(edit) @24:3d70de522b11   12 years stefano Bump tile size to 64
(edit) @21:fedaf16a4ddf   12 years adrianna.pinska typo fix
(edit) @20:f81e073fb8f5   12 years firxen Remove .json suffix from level defs.
(edit) @13:b83f2db218e6   12 years firxen Draw level background with scaled offset.
(edit) @10:7e0f084aab5c   12 years stefano Really use 32px tiles, with RGBA images
(add) @8:addaa5b857d6   12 years firxen Some level display things.
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