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(edit) @618:72865593bdc7   12 years firxen Make DEBUG an environment variable.
(edit) @572:11d8b6b407e5   12 years stefano Turn off debug pyweek12 0.1
(edit) @523:c7c3f55554d4   12 years adrianna.pinska add tofu and scroll totals to the hud
(edit) @522:4de4f94c326d   12 years firxen Move skaapsteker behind stuff and make haiku scrolls display text on …
(edit) @433:fe99a4e04b2b   12 years hodgestar Make recharge time depend on the number of tails.
(edit) @411:a5f54ae9217e   12 years stefano Per weapon recharge
(edit) @405:a0aad1c66643   12 years stefano Tail images
(edit) @390:93f13f7d97f2   12 years stefano Initial fire rate-limiting
(edit) @356:f5148f70ca84   12 years stefano Backgrounds for HUD
(edit) @318:bd137fdfe3c6   12 years drnlmuller Draw tails
(edit) @314:f29999d1bba6   12 years drnlmuller Add inventory drawing
(edit) @313:7db1b7c5c961   12 years drnlmuller Add health bar
(edit) @265:7628467eecd9   12 years drnlmuller Add double-key tap support
(edit) @169:b7a8f4a677e1   12 years hodgestar Replace key repeating with custom tracking of fast keys.
(edit) @166:0ad313ec564d   12 years hodgestar Set key repeating.
(edit) @66:12ec95a2e8ea   12 years hodgestar Bouncing.
(edit) @59:1be1ca704346   12 years drnlmuller Add Layers constants. Set Monsters to player's layer by default
(edit) @38:38d7670a469a   12 years hodgestar Enable setting the opening scene when launching.
(add) @6:be641ad97aaa   12 years hodgestar Create a pygame window.
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