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(edit) @618:72865593bdc7   12 years firxen Make DEBUG an environment variable.
(edit) @582:213f46e787c4   12 years hodgestar Invert --no-rects option (its now --show-rects) and turn rects off by …
(edit) @531:5f1058593462   12 years stefano Remove all tails by default
(edit) @486:6dc341ea8950   12 years stefano Start new game when using --level
(edit) @467:73288045cec5   12 years stefano Set program icon
(edit) @447:4bec05fed6c7   12 years firxen Load and save.
(edit) @262:de60329cfc9f   12 years drnlmuller Factor out sound stuff
(edit) @169:b7a8f4a677e1   12 years hodgestar Replace key repeating with custom tracking of fast keys.
(edit) @166:0ad313ec564d   12 years hodgestar Set key repeating.
(edit) @127:e1dd3b785269   12 years firxen Initial game state stuff.
(edit) @106:bf7d511d3650   12 years stefano Dvorak support
(edit) @105:c455b7925212   12 years stefano Global options in skaapsteker.init
(edit) @79:fe8652a060df   12 years stefano Simple menu screen and TextChoice widget
(edit) @56:100e80ed781b   12 years hodgestar Rename scene option to level.
(edit) @38:38d7670a469a   12 years hodgestar Enable setting the opening scene when launching.
(edit) @20:f81e073fb8f5   12 years firxen Remove .json suffix from level defs.
(edit) @15:538d15e6cca1   12 years hodgestar Add level scenes
(edit) @14:fb1bd081cc86   12 years hodgestar Add scene changing.
(edit) @13:b83f2db218e6   12 years firxen Draw level background with scaled offset.
(edit) @11:249814efa91b   12 years hodgestar Create game engine. Enable quitting.
(edit) @8:addaa5b857d6   12 years firxen Some level display things.
(edit) @7:8000358e47d9   12 years stefano support python -m skaapsteker
(edit) @6:be641ad97aaa   12 years hodgestar Create a pygame window.
(add) @0:d6fd1a0b192a   12 years hodgestar Commit skellington.
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