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(edit) @614:bc793415259c   9 years hodgestar Script for generating gource videos of commits.
(edit) @613:303087bcf1fa   9 years hodgestar Note that this copies in the Wine placeholder DLL and add a TODO for …
(edit) @590:dc73dda93fb1   9 years stefano Level shot tool
(edit) @585:9f3c2c0fcf01   9 years stefano include in Unix tarball
(edit) @581:779c29924a8a   9 years hodgestar Make wine py2exe builder work.
(edit) @580:b7c432ce1b80   9 years hodgestar Project against absences of file.
(edit) @579:e4242abff401   9 years hodgestar Fix name of game.
(edit) @578:2e181628d0be   9 years firxen Use "hg archive" instead of "cp -r" for build.
(edit) @577:62666b542afe   9 years firxen Fixed MacOS X packaging, updated .hgignore.
(edit) @570:f6a0fbf918fd   9 years stefano Packaging scripts
(edit) @560:bad2b38accec   9 years stefano build_unix
(edit) @547:0ddfbb5b1ae7   9 years hodgestar Script file for launching py2exe test console.
(edit) @521:5a8a7f17597d   9 years hodgestar Add support for 'if': '...' to dialogue choices.
(edit) @483:b48c194c4af9   9 years firxen Some haiku and encoding fixes.
(edit) @476:1c05b6c2b971   9 years hodgestar Start of drop item support.
(edit) @458:fbae2da0c3c0   9 years hodgestar Fix npc-test to track changes to GameState?.
(edit) @455:5d59238f8996   9 years adrianna.pinska level editor update
(edit) @341:9a0f0ea687da   9 years adrianna.pinska removed per-set decor tiles; created common set of decorative tiles; …
(edit) @302:78220c989e6a   9 years hodgestar Add supporting for flicking between speaking NPCs.
(edit) @281:9e6ff3eb63d6   9 years hodgestar Enable testing of individual NPCs.
(edit) @279:8d2e4b2a65bf   9 years adrianna.pinska fixed level editor
(edit) @249:30ae3c681507   9 years firxen Doors and stuff.
(edit) @246:8dee25fd070d   9 years hodgestar Fix some npc-test and dialogue bugs.
(edit) @234:a661b6621ec4   9 years hodgestar Add testing of triggers and entry / exit functions.
(edit) @227:13b912f40a10   9 years hodgestar Add --all option for testing NPCs and sprite creation.
(edit) @223:f675abd90529   9 years adrianna.pinska player needs a world argument
(edit) @222:2cbeeef5867c   9 years hodgestar Fix npc tester (again).
(edit) @196:a4c4e2f34162   9 years hodgestar Remove DummyWorld? since npc-test now uses the real world.
(edit) @195:445a28f4b38e   9 years hodgestar Fix npc tester.
(edit) @153:704d23022f09   9 years hodgestar Start of dialogue tree / NPC state machine support.
(edit) @130:75938c6ac3d0   9 years adrianna.pinska Alternate tile shapes with embellishments; applied to red and blue; …
(edit) @107:a770ac0c3385   9 years adrianna.pinska created xcf with tile shapes and Olli's backgrounds; wrote xcf2png …
(edit) @101:b502e732f821   9 years stefano Add ? object-placement-help tiles
(edit) @92:f065109d80ae   9 years stefano Add Player to level-editor, so it can use Level again
(edit) @79:fe8652a060df   9 years stefano Simple menu screen and TextChoice? widget
(edit) @75:95cb0b575e05   9 years firxen Enemies in level editor, tile layers.
(edit) @69:e4089417766e   9 years firxen FPS counter and tile sprite layering.
(edit) @54:43cd89b20492   9 years stefano FPS
(edit) @50:7d411ed02eac   9 years hodgestar Initial stab at detecting collisions.
(edit) @46:416e40b77924   9 years stefano Multi-line text
(edit) @45:7f7b4bfbaf0e   9 years stefano Trivial text rendering widget
(edit) @42:4a9e26f1f35a   9 years drnlmuller Remove area keyword for pygame 1.8 compatability
(edit) @40:fa1bb94cfa76   9 years hodgestar Re-factor drawing to blit to a clip rect in the One True Level Surface …
(edit) @35:38d2f7c43d86   9 years firxen Sprite-based tiles. \o/
(edit) @33:14f6c6ac1605   9 years adrianna.pinska silly ladder level plus typo correction
(edit) @32:8abd0d6e8c61   9 years stefano Quit level editor
(edit) @31:6f1e43d2fda8   9 years stefano Gaar. That's not what I meant
(edit) @30:60d5673f9d4a   9 years stefano We can do that more cleanly :P
(edit) @29:10c067be3e8f   9 years stefano Patch sys.path
(edit) @24:3d70de522b11   9 years stefano Bump tile size to 64
(edit) @19:0831989ce8e1   9 years stefano Add simple level browser
(add) @0:d6fd1a0b192a   9 years hodgestar Commit skellington.
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