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(edit) @593:75e955c11154   9 years drnlmuller Fix skip sabotaging deal bug
(edit) @591:87947e4afa02   9 years drnlmuller Fix kumiko's position
(edit) @589:635cf02186e6   9 years stefano s/facking/facing/
(edit) @587:79a9b61e12ff   9 years drnlmuller Magical appearing and disappearing Kaneda
(edit) @586:30893ffec6f7   9 years drnlmuller Fix duplicate condition
(edit) @573:ebca2f14517f   9 years adrianna.pinska made agreement depend on both rice and document; made table square
(edit) @569:8f7bd983e394   9 years hodgestar Fix dialogue tree bug.
(edit) @562:91ad18a5acf1   9 years firxen Celestial Doorway now counts tails.
(edit) @559:c4b14a517500   9 years drnlmuller Parital geisha mission
(edit) @557:e648501c2eea   9 years adrianna.pinska victory scene hacked in
(edit) @556:354f84b945f8   9 years hodgestar Allow interacting with tetsuo to trigger the start of the conversation.
(edit) @551:40a104ca0a69   9 years drnlmuller Tear kimono
(edit) @550:ebd51cb1d672   9 years drnlmuller Work on geisha room
(edit) @549:b7f912705adb   9 years firxen Fishmonger now mongers fish.
(edit) @546:05d93c10e5ae   9 years drnlmuller Remove Kaneda after the deal is off
(edit) @542:fef3a942ea28   9 years adrianna.pinska tofu on celestial plane
(edit) @541:cad0934fb66c   9 years adrianna.pinska oops
(edit) @535:d7f3329a6bf8   9 years firxen Fix theatre mission.
(edit) @533:89f7ea0f4b0e   9 years adrianna.pinska tofu in the theatre
(edit) @531:5f1058593462   9 years stefano Remove all tails by default
(edit) @530:f6bd04e5a414   9 years adrianna.pinska tofu in geisha room, and all scrolls
(edit) @525:8087e95ade2f   9 years drnlmuller More cannon stuff
(edit) @524:4242066f771d   9 years hodgestar Hook up if choices in haiku battle.
(edit) @520:17987763b80f   9 years firxen Move kindling slightly to make it more visible.
(edit) @519:62222d36f1ed   9 years adrianna.pinska tofu in the tea house
(edit) @517:0bbb989dd77a   9 years adrianna.pinska fixed no mask againnnnnnnn
(edit) @513:dae89441e99b   9 years firxen Skaapsteker in the bamboo.
(edit) @511:58843eca336b   9 years hodgestar Kill the tea cup when the monk takes it.
(edit) @510:8d78fba1735e   9 years drnlmuller Move Sasuke away from canon
(edit) @509:c85363a8ff56   9 years drnlmuller Make Sasuke non-blocking again
(edit) @502:e1436dacca69   9 years hodgestar Add remaining tails.
(edit) @501:9a16483e49cb   9 years drnlmuller Remove 1st set of blocking samuri
(edit) @500:906fae3d3688   9 years hodgestar Hook up three more tails.
(edit) @498:70f26b24241c   9 years adrianna.pinska tofu in market and fishmonger's house
(edit) @494:89f5056518cc   9 years hodgestar Add tails back to game state.
(edit) @488:2521fcb7b6d3   9 years drnlmuller Refix litness state
(edit) @485:79b8269e5bf8   9 years adrianna.pinska graaaaaaargh, facing
(edit) @483:b48c194c4af9   9 years firxen Some haiku and encoding fixes.
(edit) @481:2f1bafc93177   9 years adrianna.pinska tofu tweak
(edit) @480:30077905d697   9 years adrianna.pinska put tofu all over town
(edit) @478:77cfc17ac949   9 years hodgestar Have monk drop shapeshifting tail (or at least call the function that …
(edit) @477:0e94bc0a103f   9 years hodgestar Add tails to game.
(edit) @475:18427edff33a   9 years drnlmuller Add facing support to npcs
(edit) @472:2375bc040e63   9 years adrianna.pinska more tofu
(edit) @469:7607854eafc4   9 years hodgestar Remove click at start of file.
(edit) @468:73868503c470   9 years drnlmuller Make road Samuri blocking
(edit) @467:73288045cec5   9 years stefano Set program icon
(edit) @466:0040f183f98d   9 years firxen Fixed signal fire.
(edit) @465:7e012068fe51   9 years annamalczyk final battle misuc - in sounds folder
(edit) @464:523106f3004e   9 years annamalczyk skaapsteker tile and fixed battle 1 music
(edit) @462:4507910da5ed   9 years stefano Land art: main menu, victory menu, icons, logo
(edit) @461:c6d1165bb16f   9 years drnlmuller Can talk your way past the guard
(edit) @460:8b9b4706a4d6   9 years drnlmuller Blocking NPC's block
(edit) @459:6e065efdcec6   9 years hodgestar Background music everywhere.
(edit) @457:de224d9fb943   9 years adrianna.pinska merge
(edit) @456:2dcaaf6abb9c   9 years adrianna.pinska began to place tofu
(edit) @453:9c9df17b98a7   9 years hodgestar Add support for choosing a volume. A music to temple.
(edit) @451:7f198761a7be   9 years adrianna.pinska boss kitsune
(edit) @449:d6b7f87e8a93   9 years annamalczyk added music sources
(edit) @445:5c8d090dbeec   9 years adrianna.pinska added backgrounds and tweaked some oni
(edit) @444:75a9eb54fbc4   9 years adrianna.pinska celestial plane bg
(edit) @443:d959426b3fa1   9 years adrianna.pinska whoops
(edit) @437:8fc3f8894d0f   9 years adrianna.pinska moar backgrounds
(edit) @436:32df272a163a   9 years adrianna.pinska maneki neko and fisherman's house
(edit) @432:e65f6783a9f7   9 years adrianna.pinska placed fire on the road; animation not yet hooked up
(edit) @424:9f46e57a0a41   9 years adrianna.pinska multicoloured oni
(edit) @423:b858b38edea4   9 years annamalczyk music and sound effects
(edit) @420:d6bc6484b7ac   9 years drnlmuller Add music dir
(edit) @418:c6e9b3006ef9   9 years adrianna.pinska stuff in theatre
(edit) @415:cfbf1bf9a54c   9 years stefano Signal fire, Skulls, cloud
(edit) @413:5f896e2f78c4   9 years adrianna.pinska Geisha's rooms
(edit) @409:ed26bbfec03a   9 years drnlmuller Add up-down 'Fying' Oni
(edit) @407:d97840ee6759   9 years stefano graphicsmagicked grayscale tails
(edit) @406:9c043be746fa   9 years adrianna.pinska stuff in the teahouse
(edit) @405:a0aad1c66643   9 years stefano Tail images
(edit) @404:be4c16b446f7   9 years stefano Rename tail images to tail names in code
(edit) @402:a13d541b9e24   9 years adrianna.pinska stuff in the road
(edit) @397:00dbc053f9a0   9 years firxen Some item maintenance.
(edit) @394:df2933311711   9 years adrianna.pinska fixed guard pos and put fan in temple
(edit) @393:1af4a838b595   9 years stefano Move tail icons to icons * * * Rename tail icons
(edit) @392:4f950a85c4ce   9 years stefano Another .DS_Store
(edit) @387:87a4a9349989   9 years adrianna.pinska screw stairs; we can fly!
(edit) @386:603bc66afd3b   9 years stefano Remove DS Stores
(edit) @385:eb0197d1309c   9 years stefano Ignore .DS_Store
(edit) @384:da3f82544fc4   9 years stefano Resized images
(edit) @382:3a524c10a95c   9 years adrianna.pinska celestial plane
(edit) @378:907c1cb2c618   9 years adrianna.pinska tea house plus geisha room tweaks
(edit) @377:24c3c53e0059   9 years drnlmuller Fix standing images
(edit) @373:a2efe5470b79   9 years drnlmuller start of patrolling monsters
(edit) @372:e1fb91717b07   9 years drnlmuller Delete more stuff
(edit) @371:6e17a368103d   9 years drnlmuller Delete resource forks. Move images into the right place
(edit) @368:d056c6b0f4e3   9 years adrianna.pinska Geisha's room
(edit) @363:5e4e1432565a   9 years adrianna.pinska the theatre
(edit) @361:75dc259b41f5   9 years firxen Haiku data.
(edit) @360:1cc73709006e   9 years annamalczyk maneki and more kitsune
(edit) @358:3642c36bbd32   9 years adrianna.pinska Oops; that's not the right lantern size
(edit) @351:02d889fd5708   9 years adrianna.pinska make corners less rounded in plain tileset shape
(edit) @350:e1ce14caa5a3   9 years annamalczyk updated kitsune - 61pixels
(edit) @347:e035f6951a91   9 years drnlmuller Add had_fan flag to game.json
(edit) @345:ca443e8f9429   9 years hodgestar Smaller versions of fireball images.
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