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(edit) @587:79a9b61e12ff   11 years drnlmuller Magical appearing and disappearing Kaneda
(edit) @517:0bbb989dd77a   11 years adrianna.pinska fixed no mask againnnnnnnn
(edit) @462:4507910da5ed   11 years stefano Land art: main menu, victory menu, icons, logo
(edit) @451:7f198761a7be   11 years adrianna.pinska boss kitsune
(edit) @436:32df272a163a   11 years adrianna.pinska maneki neko and fisherman's house
(edit) @424:9f46e57a0a41   11 years adrianna.pinska multicoloured oni
(edit) @418:c6e9b3006ef9   11 years adrianna.pinska stuff in theatre
(edit) @415:cfbf1bf9a54c   11 years stefano Signal fire, Skulls, cloud
(edit) @413:5f896e2f78c4   11 years adrianna.pinska Geisha's rooms
(edit) @402:a13d541b9e24   11 years adrianna.pinska stuff in the road
(edit) @397:00dbc053f9a0   11 years firxen Some item maintenance.
(edit) @393:1af4a838b595   11 years stefano Move tail icons to icons * * * Rename tail icons
(edit) @392:4f950a85c4ce   11 years stefano Another .DS_Store
(edit) @386:603bc66afd3b   11 years stefano Remove DS Stores
(edit) @385:eb0197d1309c   11 years stefano Ignore .DS_Store
(edit) @384:da3f82544fc4   11 years stefano Resized images
(edit) @377:24c3c53e0059   11 years drnlmuller Fix standing images
(edit) @372:e1fb91717b07   11 years drnlmuller Delete more stuff
(edit) @371:6e17a368103d   11 years drnlmuller Delete resource forks. Move images into the right place
(edit) @360:1cc73709006e   11 years annamalczyk maneki and more kitsune
(edit) @350:e1ce14caa5a3   11 years annamalczyk updated kitsune - 61pixels
(edit) @345:ca443e8f9429   11 years hodgestar Smaller versions of fireball images.
(edit) @316:2011c418698d   11 years drnlmuller Add placeholder tail image
(edit) @308:a68b05d715bc   11 years adrianna.pinska swapped misnamed mask and vase pictures
(edit) @306:8b9369d34ff6   11 years hodgestar Rename no-maks-broken.png (during the creation of the pyweek entry).
(edit) @301:922155cc0efd   11 years annamalczyk Moar images!
(edit) @235:169bacba9f48   11 years drnlmuller Rename oni sprites to match loading code
(edit) @178:164c30a7b776   11 years firxen Moving some (probably) misplaced sprites out of the way.
(edit) @157:15fbe107e475   11 years drnlmuller Move attacking image into directory structure for player loading
(edit) @154:1008a7bae425   11 years annamalczyk many more sprites - characters and plot items
(edit) @143:d10b841c452e   11 years drnlmuller Remove tail from standing kitsune sprite to reduce weird box size …
(edit) @108:5037bf06d7cd   11 years annamalczyk Geishas, oni, monk and kitsune attacking
(edit) @95:33e47cc127ba   11 years drnlmuller Remove apple resource files.
(edit) @89:a46fc252e4fa   11 years drnlmuller Add placeholder images, so mecurial will track these directories
(edit) @86:23d7d7378cb2   11 years drnlmuller Move kitsune standing png to same structure as other images
(edit) @75:95cb0b575e05   11 years firxen Enemies in level editor, tile layers.
(edit) @48:d8c5427925e8   11 years firxen Actually add dummy sprite image.
(edit) @37:f23464569916   11 years annamalczyk kitsune sprites running and jumping 0-4 tails
(add) @27:b14c09695456   11 years annamalczyk Add simple fox sprite
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