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(edit) @593:75e955c11154   11 years drnlmuller Fix skip sabotaging deal bug
(edit) @586:30893ffec6f7   11 years drnlmuller Fix duplicate condition
(edit) @569:8f7bd983e394   11 years hodgestar Fix dialogue tree bug.
(edit) @559:c4b14a517500   11 years drnlmuller Parital geisha mission
(edit) @557:e648501c2eea   11 years adrianna.pinska victory scene hacked in
(edit) @556:354f84b945f8   11 years hodgestar Allow interacting with tetsuo to trigger the start of the conversation.
(edit) @551:40a104ca0a69   11 years drnlmuller Tear kimono
(edit) @549:b7f912705adb   11 years firxen Fishmonger now mongers fish.
(edit) @546:05d93c10e5ae   11 years drnlmuller Remove Kaneda after the deal is off
(edit) @535:d7f3329a6bf8   11 years firxen Fix theatre mission.
(edit) @525:8087e95ade2f   11 years drnlmuller More cannon stuff
(edit) @524:4242066f771d   11 years hodgestar Hook up if choices in haiku battle.
(edit) @511:58843eca336b   11 years hodgestar Kill the tea cup when the monk takes it.
(edit) @502:e1436dacca69   11 years hodgestar Add remaining tails.
(edit) @501:9a16483e49cb   11 years drnlmuller Remove 1st set of blocking samuri
(edit) @500:906fae3d3688   11 years hodgestar Hook up three more tails.
(edit) @483:b48c194c4af9   11 years firxen Some haiku and encoding fixes.
(edit) @478:77cfc17ac949   11 years hodgestar Have monk drop shapeshifting tail (or at least call the function that …
(edit) @461:c6d1165bb16f   11 years drnlmuller Can talk your way past the guard
(edit) @325:efa037c3c82c   11 years hodgestar Streamline initial conversation with monk.
(edit) @321:b244d01a8881   11 years hodgestar Hook up kaneda and kumiko.
(edit) @311:5250c77b352a   11 years hodgestar Hook up kaneda2 and tetsuo converstaion.
(edit) @310:50b8c8372ff2   11 years hodgestar Conversations needs dummy start states for the responding party so …
(edit) @305:691278e89399   11 years hodgestar Link up hattori's and ichiro's conversation.
(edit) @304:fed9689803ae   11 years hodgestar Start adding switch_to to ichiro.
(edit) @299:22d71135e497   11 years hodgestar Fix fox-has-tea-for-monk state check.
(edit) @297:2844edb6c1cc   11 years hodgestar Hook up maneki, kaneda2 and the fishmonger who were hiding in limbo …
(edit) @294:74c875f7b1f5   11 years hodgestar Fill in remaining missions and make remaining npc state machines pass …
(edit) @293:e22b0e4d52ae   11 years hodgestar Add missions.masks_destroyed.
(edit) @292:93352ab52f2e   11 years hodgestar Fix up possible inconsistencies in guard state machine fox shape …
(edit) @289:16ffe6f5dbb8   11 years hodgestar Add fox.shape (which can be 'fox', 'human' or 'human_with_fan') to …
(edit) @287:f512e874b2e7   11 years hodgestar Add monk and kumiko missions to game.json and to monk and kumiko.
(edit) @284:8cac6ff88a9d   11 years hodgestar Rename the void level to _limbo. Add teacupfull to _limbo. Change monk …
(edit) @238:df306bfd632e   11 years adrianna.pinska you only get one fish
(edit) @237:e06c54d7701f   11 years hodgestar Add vase to demonstrate item state testing in dialogues.
(edit) @230:6a35a74824ca   11 years adrianna.pinska you can get several fish from the fishmonger
(edit) @220:2d5dfec4cd11   11 years hodgestar Fix kitsune JSON.
(edit) @215:4ac8ef4b44c3   11 years adrianna.pinska boss fight dialog
(edit) @207:d2e4fb016627   11 years adrianna.pinska TETSUUUUUOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
(edit) @201:e27c45d38605   11 years adrianna.pinska maneki and fishmonger
(edit) @198:4e7ca5cf57fa   11 years adrianna.pinska syntax fix for accessing world properties
(edit) @197:6696ffd51ac2   11 years hodgestar Hordes of NPCs.
(edit) @193:897eec397cbb   11 years hodgestar Fix state checks for hattori, ichiro, kaneda and kumiko. In the …
(edit) @185:c3dfcd241c3a   11 years adrianna.pinska actor
(edit) @184:e7413a565421   11 years adrianna.pinska @#%$ trailing comma fix
(edit) @181:77228c101cfc   11 years adrianna.pinska kumiko and kaneda
(edit) @180:7ccf365e28ea   11 years adrianna.pinska Sasuke
(edit) @179:a7cdf8458edd   11 years adrianna.pinska ichiro and hattori, plus stuff for querying npc state from the world
(edit) @171:13e10b877f6c   11 years adrianna.pinska dialogue tree for temple guard
(add) @153:704d23022f09   11 years hodgestar Start of dialogue tree / NPC state machine support.
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