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(edit) @631:672e6e7ecfe9   3 years drnlmuller Update url tip
(edit) @630:2707b33cbcb7   11 years drnlmuller Unbreak breakable items
(edit) @629:59556235dec7   11 years firxen Clean up some leftover mess from collision handling work.
(edit) @628:1fdfc7f03d98   11 years firxen Stop flying when you land.
(edit) @627:35919d12b792   11 years firxen Path-based collision minimisation and axis-projection backout.
(edit) @626:1abb53ae1a6a   11 years firxen More mild refactoring.
(edit) @625:65882990b9cf   11 years firxen Some mild refactoring.
(edit) @624:83569a6b3ad8   11 years firxen Fix StartingDoorway and velocity clamping.
(edit) @623:65881746dc20   11 years firxen More Sprite hierarchy work.
(edit) @622:da331c80ec08   11 years firxen Clean up sprite inheritance hierarchy a bit.
(edit) @621:851c8726696c   11 years firxen More cleanup. Mostly using utils.c* instead of doing things the long way.
(edit) @620:6cc0d54df531   11 years firxen Some light cleanup.
(edit) @619:4ffa9d159588   11 years firxen Some coordinate operators, to reduce foo_x, foo_y everywhere.
(edit) @618:72865593bdc7   11 years firxen Make DEBUG an environment variable.
(edit) @617:2cd713ec8d59   11 years hodgestar Mark dialogue wrapping bug as fixed.
(edit) @616:37c1d9958c54   11 years hodgestar Clean up TODO.txt file a bit.
(edit) @615:e71e13dbd570   11 years hodgestar Properly copy pos when creating parts of speech bubbles.
(edit) @614:bc793415259c   11 years hodgestar Script for generating gource videos of commits.
(edit) @613:303087bcf1fa   11 years hodgestar Note that this copies in the Wine placeholder DLL and add a TODO for …
(edit) @612:a91b2e4400a5   11 years hodgestar Fallback to using simplejson if json does not exist (this appears to …
(edit) @611:7d49f698eff7   11 years hodgestar Ensure that self.selected remaings with self.options in ButtonSet. …
(edit) @610:393a32082aac   12 years stefano More BUGS
(edit) @609:e620182ab53c   12 years stefano r608 screenshots
(edit) @608:422b18fd3a0a   12 years hodgestar Added tag 0.2 for changeset 0a0f2f98594f
(edit) @607:ce10dfe653c7   12 years stefano Removed tag Packaging Deadline 0.1.1 upload to pyweek12
(edit) @606:54401c614e43   12 years stefano Added tag 0.1.1, Packaging Deadline 0.1.1 upload to for … pyweek12
(edit) @605:97469338e088   12 years stefano Let's rather make that 0.1.1 pyweek12 0.1.1
(edit) @604:0a0f2f98594f   12 years stefano Bump docs version to 0.2 0.2
(edit) @603:01b8cce8a02a   12 years hodgestar Added tag 0.2 for changeset 03445a502b26
(edit) @602:03445a502b26   12 years hodgestar Version 0.2
(edit) @601:73bdeb3d3f7e   12 years stefano Bump version to 0.2 pyweek12
(edit) @600:50ba0275a3a3   12 years drnlmuller Remove don't crash if we're colliding with a player after being … pyweek12
(edit) @599:64992d05f523   12 years stefano Merge default branch ..r585 pyweek12
(edit) @598:d350f124b67d   12 years stefano Coding Deadline 0.1 upload to pyweek12
(edit) @597:576921b65909   12 years hodgestar Fix small typo. Celestial sphere only requires 8 tails to enter.
(edit) @596:a1ca84c797fb   12 years stefano Drop trailing colon
(edit) @595:74efd0a9c959   12 years stefano Update .hgignore, use globs where possible
(edit) @594:67f0b8123854   12 years stefano Walkthrough
(edit) @593:75e955c11154   12 years drnlmuller Fix skip sabotaging deal bug
(edit) @592:1386cae4cc15   12 years drnlmuller Remove don't crash if we're colliding with a player after being …
(edit) @591:87947e4afa02   12 years drnlmuller Fix kumiko's position
(edit) @590:dc73dda93fb1   12 years stefano Level shot tool
(edit) @589:635cf02186e6   12 years stefano s/facking/facing/
(edit) @588:491fd518f148   12 years stefano BUGS
(edit) @587:79a9b61e12ff   12 years drnlmuller Magical appearing and disappearing Kaneda
(edit) @586:30893ffec6f7   12 years drnlmuller Fix duplicate condition
(edit) @585:9f3c2c0fcf01   12 years stefano include in Unix tarball
(edit) @584:b8bed508036f   12 years stefano Don't steal life from skulls
(edit) @583:194f71cc0689   12 years drnlmuller don't remove kaneda from the geisha room too early (looks weird, but …
(edit) @582:213f46e787c4   12 years hodgestar Invert --no-rects option (its now --show-rects) and turn rects off by …
(edit) @581:779c29924a8a   12 years hodgestar Make wine py2exe builder work.
(edit) @580:b7c432ce1b80   12 years hodgestar Project against absences of file.
(edit) @579:e4242abff401   12 years hodgestar Fix name of game.
(edit) @578:2e181628d0be   12 years firxen Use "hg archive" instead of "cp -r" for build.
(edit) @577:62666b542afe   12 years firxen Fixed MacOS X packaging, updated .hgignore.
(edit) @576:0dfb62814de6   12 years stefano Further usage improvements
(edit) @575:c252e20e1c1b   12 years stefano Document down key
(edit) @574:7bc907f8b3d7   12 years stefano More bugs
(edit) @573:ebca2f14517f   12 years adrianna.pinska made agreement depend on both rice and document; made table square
(edit) @572:11d8b6b407e5   12 years stefano Turn off debug pyweek12 0.1
(edit) @571:82a49e9d91f9   12 years stefano Mark pyweek12 branch pyweek12
(edit) @570:f6a0fbf918fd   12 years stefano Packaging scripts
(edit) @569:8f7bd983e394   12 years hodgestar Fix dialogue tree bug.
(edit) @568:1ccb90397c4a   12 years drnlmuller Kanede vanishes again
(edit) @567:488cad3bd62b   12 years firxen Finish geisha fish subplot.
(edit) @566:129d97a1ea8f   12 years stefano More bugs
(edit) @565:582057a9787f   12 years hodgestar Add build-y stuff to .hgignore.
(edit) @564:b69ecfe339a6   12 years stefano Record bugs
(edit) @563:2f75e57b987d   12 years hodgestar Add final pyweek screenshots.
(edit) @562:91ad18a5acf1   12 years firxen Celestial Doorway now counts tails.
(edit) @561:0236c5fe6ac1   12 years hodgestar Fix bug.
(edit) @560:bad2b38accec   12 years stefano build_unix
(edit) @559:c4b14a517500   12 years drnlmuller Parital geisha mission
(edit) @558:aa01ca54dce2   12 years hodgestar Add function for warping in NPCs.
(edit) @557:e648501c2eea   12 years adrianna.pinska victory scene hacked in
(edit) @556:354f84b945f8   12 years hodgestar Allow interacting with tetsuo to trigger the start of the conversation.
(edit) @555:b83ca72063ea   12 years hodgestar Fix bug where one NPC's dialogue could close anothers.
(edit) @554:51bc11e3b693   12 years firxen Pretty-print save game JSON.
(edit) @553:62569f486ede   12 years firxen Debug print cleanup.
(edit) @552:0216b5012411   12 years stefano Rename distribution name
(edit) @551:40a104ca0a69   12 years drnlmuller Tear kimono
(edit) @550:ebd51cb1d672   12 years drnlmuller Work on geisha room
(edit) @549:b7f912705adb   12 years firxen Fishmonger now mongers fish.
(edit) @548:366e58e8d057   12 years hodgestar Much simpler py2exe file.
(edit) @547:0ddfbb5b1ae7   12 years hodgestar Script file for launching py2exe test console.
(edit) @546:05d93c10e5ae   12 years drnlmuller Remove Kaneda after the deal is off
(edit) @545:067d3d80ff2e   12 years stefano Sort out imports, use find_packages()
(edit) @544:badc218d1eba   12 years drnlmuller Make business standing
(edit) @543:f36e7a885373   12 years drnlmuller Add document altering
(edit) @542:fef3a942ea28   12 years adrianna.pinska tofu on celestial plane
(edit) @541:cad0934fb66c   12 years adrianna.pinska oops
(edit) @540:018f8e83d78b   12 years hodgestar Remaing sounds that need to be used.
(edit) @539:4e8be9c52952   12 years stefano Correct data location in
(edit) @538:c1b0ad1c0932   12 years hodgestar Hook up projectile sounds.
(edit) @537:a7b7694644a5   12 years drnlmuller Exclude NPC's from gravity
(edit) @536:03f519443b10   12 years drnlmuller More cannon stuff
(edit) @535:d7f3329a6bf8   12 years firxen Fix theatre mission.
(edit) @534:6c939898c1f4   12 years stefano Skulls to BEHIND
(edit) @533:89f7ea0f4b0e   12 years adrianna.pinska tofu in the theatre
(edit) @532:eec2cf912e03   12 years hodgestar Add tearing rice sound. Only smash breakables once.
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