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Mark dialogue wrapping bug as fixed.

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1* When on the starting square, pressing the down button activates the door, causing your tails to lose charge.
2* End Tetsuo and Kinedo conversation broken
3* Game Balance
4* Victory Scene sound
5* Kitsune skull for death
6* Unused sounds
7* Most interactions still need to give the relevant information once travesed, not just "Sigh"
8* Interacting with many items / players, puts you slightly below the floor.
9* Do something with tofu.
10* "100%" aburaage doesn't fit on screen.
11* Include documentation
12* Locate sound copyright information.
13* Add source images.
14* Make [Continue] buttons less clikable and more "press-enter"able
15* Windows Icon
16* Stop moving after dying
17* The fox doesn't always realise it's on the floor if it's also colliding with a item (marketplace, by the rice)
18* Somehow detect missing KEYUP events
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