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(edit) @602:1b77bcbfb9e3   10 years convert-repo update tags tip
(edit) @601:23fbf4651f99   11 years firxen Roosters.
(edit) @600:f9276a4f7bdf   11 years adrianna.pinska rooster sprite
(edit) @599:460b06ac7d99   11 years firxen Better chicken placement, now with fewer crashes.
(edit) @598:029e60f37743   11 years firxen Fix minor dmg build issue.
(edit) @597:017a1ea8f8e0   11 years hodgestar Screen shot of the start of Last Stand.
(edit) @596:e863a735d4d5   11 years hodgestar Added tag 1.5.0 for changeset 8dfe7eaf1f7f 1.5.x
(edit) @595:8dfe7eaf1f7f   11 years hodgestar Merge r597 from trunk. 1.5.x 1.5.0
(edit) @594:7581c2fe1498   11 years hodgestar Merge r598 from trunk. 1.5.x
(edit) @593:967e351872ed   11 years hodgestar Enlarge price reference to cater for larger fonts.
(edit) @592:441077fab928   11 years firxen Easter egg.
(edit) @591:6b21b2140262   11 years hodgestar Merge r594 and r595 from trunk. 1.5.x
(edit) @590:066b85a7f1cf   11 years drnlmuller Add check on background music as well
(edit) @589:b6f42a09945d   11 years drnlmuller Add sound play test case
(edit) @588:e13f9380242b   11 years hodgestar Merge r592 from trunk. 1.5.x
(edit) @587:2899ddc4d92c   11 years hodgestar Display top floors on top.
(edit) @586:36e1939c732a   11 years hodgestar Merge r588, r589 and r590 from trunk. 1.5.x
(edit) @585:30a581e63a3a   11 years hodgestar Clean-up and update the TODOs.
(edit) @584:a1032ab5c1d6   11 years drnlmuller Add check for windows display mode problems
(edit) @583:41864335aeee   11 years adrianna.pinska easter eggs
(edit) @582:cae2d8634f50   11 years hodgestar Version 1.5.0. 1.5.x
(edit) @581:30d9e2bbf99a   11 years hodgestar Branch 1.5.x. 1.5.x
(edit) @580:0b552419ecda   11 years hodgestar A moment of silence.
(edit) @579:0e552e7e06fe   11 years drnlmuller Use constant vertical position for buttons
(edit) @578:7bccd2bda217   11 years hodgestar Bump version to 1.5.
(edit) @577:1356875ce686   11 years adrianna.pinska updated controls
(edit) @576:2a913d34c95a   11 years drnlmuller Don't repaint the entire toolbar on counter updates
(edit) @575:95c71a13468c   11 years hodgestar Convert failed save/restore print messages to warning dialogs.
(edit) @574:ecad90bbdc61   11 years adrianna.pinska ALL CAPS and punctation in help.
(edit) @573:ffdaac5d6cf8   11 years firxen Select is the default tool.
(edit) @572:40eee9e1246c   11 years adrianna.pinska extended help; renamed building-related buttons.
(edit) @571:2921169e545b   11 years hodgestar Don't rely on connect listener call order (PGU stores listeners in a dict).
(edit) @570:be47830a56b1   11 years hodgestar Remove defunct open_equipment_dialog.
(edit) @569:3ec614e6fd4a   11 years hodgestar Replace monolithic sell equipment tool with a tool for each type of …
(edit) @568:e813365af567   11 years drnlmuller Add quit button to toolbar
(edit) @567:37f7454518d5   11 years drnlmuller Move quit stuff into seperate function
(edit) @566:a8dde729000a   11 years drnlmuller Add 'Save and Quit' option to quit dialog. Move game events from …
(edit) @565:32b6b66e114a   11 years firxen Cursors change.
(edit) @564:fb8ab1ee3eaf   11 years hodgestar Use actual username in high scores.
(edit) @563:06f2f965ea4f   11 years adrianna.pinska better alt-trees
(edit) @562:80725d647569   11 years hodgestar Neaten up gameover screen.
(edit) @561:7f037ee2a6c8   11 years drnlmuller Show count of selected chickens in buildings
(edit) @560:8cd13b82585e   11 years hodgestar Allow ESC to exit high score menu and then still exit game if pressed …
(edit) @559:b71b7fcf6dc1   11 years adrianna.pinska planks which look like planks
(edit) @558:5cdf26bde2f2   11 years firxen Botanical biodiversity.
(edit) @557:50d6c68ce267   11 years drnlmuller Add gameboard to buildings. Update save version as this breaks old …
(edit) @556:46f6f1a98f3f   11 years drnlmuller Add warning dialogs for dangerous operations
(edit) @555:296c73dcd286   11 years hodgestar Add high score dialog to main menu.
(edit) @554:46fa3cdfddf4   11 years hodgestar Add nicks to author list.
(edit) @553:7963fc09fac2   11 years drnlmuller Make checkdialog take strings to show as input. Add possiblity of 3rd …
(edit) @552:11c4cebfe4c5   11 years firxen Preparatory work for woodland biodiversity.
(edit) @551:dc8ff47371f2   11 years adrianna.pinska other trees
(edit) @550:930b2270a6d6   11 years drnlmuller Make easy level start with more wood
(edit) @549:45e03793d41e   11 years drnlmuller Make default starting wood 50, not 0
(edit) @548:27c09c58d89d   11 years hodgestar Remove gameboard and dialog event flow hacks.
(edit) @547:1456bf2ff02e   11 years hodgestar Allow cancelling of save game dialog with ESC.
(edit) @546:e57a0cf38cc7   11 years firxen And fix headings, now that it's easy to do so.
(edit) @545:56a3a3f54e3d   11 years firxen Centre counter values, by means of the power of MATHS!
(edit) @544:84964077626a   11 years firxen Counter display more compact, although not as pretty as it should be.
(edit) @543:03be16420e8b   11 years hodgestar Add better support for dicts to simplifier (now handles simple …
(edit) @542:baf75d5ee50d   11 years firxen Shift+group to add to current selection.
(edit) @541:450de9dfa106   11 years drnlmuller Move gameboard event prodding into the widgets - better matches pgu …
(edit) @540:882b582da618   11 years hodgestar Remove down wrapping of exceptions.
(edit) @539:f4d1b9ff9558   11 years firxen Lumberjacks only wander off when their work is done.
(edit) @538:ec5276cfe98b   11 years adrianna.pinska put back code to highlight move/select button appropriately
(edit) @537:c23e2bd07247   11 years hodgestar Spaces around equals.
(edit) @536:1a224ba50edf   11 years drnlmuller Correctly set the position of newly hatched chickens in buildings
(edit) @535:7e8dbd513ea2   11 years adrianna.pinska improved rinkhals
(edit) @534:d16ed2a8a33e   11 years hodgestar Make price and control reference dialogs a little shinier.
(edit) @533:7addf41b6abb   11 years drnlmuller Allow backtracking on ladders
(edit) @532:0667189a5973   11 years hodgestar New load level dialog.
(edit) @531:452cde9af2a2   11 years drnlmuller Fix order of checks to avoid unneeded work
(edit) @530:c1f14fa35d30   11 years drnlmuller Avoid buglet where sprite isn't properly removed for a safe fox
(edit) @529:93eab01a1e57   11 years firxen Updated (but no prettier) control dialog.
(edit) @528:04975aa3ec70   11 years firxen Alt also sets groups, because jerith has a weird OS setup.
(edit) @527:f59cb047d08f   11 years hodgestar Don't try to open non-abodes.
(edit) @526:d5009047a371   11 years drnlmuller Remove debugging print (oops)
(edit) @525:d9886377b6a2   11 years drnlmuller Hack middle-click clearing selection into the building_dialog
(edit) @524:1eed8c861580   11 years drnlmuller Fix some indentation weirdnesses that have crept in
(edit) @523:103b0fc36722   11 years drnlmuller Apply action to all selected chickens in building dialog
(edit) @522:6f41a565e910   11 years drnlmuller Add 'select all' button
(edit) @521:787eb032bf8a   11 years drnlmuller Cursor hint for Ctrl-click move
(edit) @520:3e19a7f5333e   11 years drnlmuller Tweak controls dialog
(edit) @519:f84ad10a9625   11 years drnlmuller Remove move tool. Add basic controls reference dialog
(edit) @518:a42852e50df1   11 years drnlmuller Rework prey selection. Greedy Foxes are less inclined to attack the …
(edit) @517:05e0c3fd20ec   11 years firxen Axes are slightly better weapons than they were.
(edit) @516:4166a0051bb6   11 years drnlmuller Reset cursor as well when changing tool. Avoid crash with non-default …
(edit) @515:88bda6db953a   11 years drnlmuller Fix buggy test
(edit) @514:55b95bb25ced   11 years davidf On move, revert to the select tool - why would you want to move the …
(edit) @513:399bb3cb4761   11 years drnlmuller Fix corner case timer fiddling bug
(edit) @512:b112bcf4d435   11 years hodgestar Add restore game button to main menu.
(edit) @511:57f9077fb7fb   11 years drnlmuller Remove some left-over code.
(edit) @510:3e4bb2c9556c   11 years hodgestar Lazy loading of save game snapshots.
(edit) @509:77a3f7f1c856   11 years hodgestar Add level name and timestamp to save games.
(edit) @508:8fbff3505d1d   11 years drnlmuller Remove debugging print
(edit) @507:d3ceb9e9c48e   11 years drnlmuller The fox move rewrite
(edit) @506:3b5717d742b2   11 years adrianna.pinska fixed selling of equipment from selected chickens
(edit) @505:3ed6c011106d   11 years hodgestar Switch to classmethod decorators.
(edit) @504:393e30ea0165   11 years hodgestar Save game loading working again.
(edit) @503:4c281ce4fc5f   11 years drnlmuller Make MOVE_SELECTED_PERMITTED default, as seems the right thing
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