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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
../ 0 bytes 2:e057e9483488   11 years firxen Added pyweek skellington. 17.3 KB 269:445f746449fa   11 years drnlmuller Tweak sapper fox path weighting 2.5 KB 265:a655ae452b4e   11 years adrianna.pinska updated fence explosion animation 8.6 KB 268:47c411d20b00   11 years hodgestar Remove unnecessary pygame.font import. 1023 bytes 227:b9782f622006   11 years hodgestar Allow selling of broken fences. 524 bytes 272:cade64404997   11 years hodgestar Use (wrecking) ball for smashing down trees. 749 bytes 89:c0455e6c99f4   11 years davidf Support multiple arguments using os.path.join - better to pass … 8.5 KB 262:d508248041ff   11 years drnlmuller avoid passing events in twice 5.6 KB 250:048510e95812   11 years adrianna.pinska made helmet biggerer 33.7 KB 272:cade64404997   11 years hodgestar Use (wrecking) ball for smashing down trees. 4.2 KB 246:592bfad67488   11 years drnlmuller Add 'You left' game over mode 1.9 KB 230:fa0e818c3fee   11 years hodgestar Update instructions to match new chick hatching behaviour. 349 bytes 201:fe1e9c18d4d7   11 years adrianna.pinska layering bugfix; indoor chickens now use normal chicken icons 3.3 KB 186:f06010d34cd3   11 years hodgestar Add sprite cursors for building placement. 900 bytes 151:082868bea873   11 years hodgestar Refactor UI so that only a single gui.App is used. Pass all UI events … 1.7 KB 179:e2b5262c2b11   11 years drnlmuller Add basic help screen 1.2 KB 241:1a7000c8211c   11 years firxen Demolition foxes, including better fox selection. 1.6 KB 101:41db9f3ba29e   11 years hodgestar Add missing sys import. 1.8 KB 267:9cc7bc5cd10c   11 years hodgestar Refactor sprite cursor a bit to make sub-classing easier. Add (unused) … 3.5 KB 218:5cb0e0b9cd16   11 years hodgestar Make sprite cursors stay on top by fudging the sprite list. :/
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