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1== TODO ==
5* Add invalid cursor sprite (mostly when placing buildings on trees, etc).
7* <confluence> We should have text images instead of buttons (in the various menus and toolbars).
9* Improve Fullscreen mode (on the fly scaling)
11* Investigate using infinity symbol instead of dash for unlimited mode
13== ISSUES ==
15Leaking weakref objects bug (reported by tumbleweed):
16 - this is probably
19== COMMENTS ==
21Farmer's weekly (daily?) -- egg/chicken/fox report thing. (Yay Marc!)
2300:40 <@Derakon> And a way to drag-clear trees, drag-sell chickens (or auto-sell naked outdoor chickens).
2400:42 <@Derakon> So...much...clicking... ;.;
2601:31 < Rhamphoryncus> It seems like, long term, you want to pack hendominiums in with no space around them
2701:32 < Rhamphoryncus> As you fill a grid like that you'll still have exposed edges, producing tons of chickens
2801:32 <@AnnoDomini> Aren't overflow chickens autokilled, rather the eggs never hatching and being sold?
2901:33 <@Derakon> No idea.
3001:33 <@AnnoDomini> That's what I read in the instructions.
3101:33 < Rhamphoryncus> I thought they were autosold.  I may have been confusing with the egg autosell though
3201:33 <@AnnoDomini> Eggs autosell if there's no room. Chickens die.
3408:37 < Rhamphoryncus> jerith: feature request: automatically switch to an offset breeding schedule.  IOW, a henhouse should only do 3/day and a hendemonium should only do 6/day
3608:50 < Rhamphoryncus> and if I go and sell an egg in a henhouse/hendominium, is it supposed to take multiple clicks?
37[ed: He didn't know it was multiple eggs.]
40And here's me rapid-fire rambling at #ctpug after finishing my first long game. (Unedited.)
4220:34 < jerith> Nitwit: Had some ideas while playing just now.
4320:34 <&Nitwit> ?
4420:35 < jerith> I want a "sell all naked outdoor chickens" button.
4520:35 < jerith> And a "sell all superfluous eggs" button.
4620:35 < jerith> Also, chickens should hatch into squares at the corners of the henhouses.
4720:36 <&Nitwit> We're either going to have to expand the game window, or somehow compress the other menu options
4820:37 < superfly> Nitwit: use a smaller font?
4920:37 -!- confluence [] has joined #ctpug
5020:37 -!- mode/#ctpug [+ao confluence confluence] by ChanServ
5120:37 < jerith> I'd be happy with an "advanced" menu.
5220:37 < jerith> Hey confluence.
5320:37 <&Nitwit> I've been toying with the idea of unifying the buildings into a "buy building" button and "select building" dialog - that will free up a couple of
54                buttons & give us space to put building prices
5520:37 <&confluence> Hello
5620:37 < jerith> Also, we need to do a proper toolbar thing.
5720:37 < jerith> That will save us space.
5820:37 < jerith> Nitwit: That also works.
5920:38 <&Nitwit> I don't want to do the same for equipment though, as I find I use those buttons much more often
6020:38 < jerith> If possible, I'd like to make the "right click cancels current thing" global.
6120:39 < jerith> Oh, there's a cursor display bug when moving chickens into and out of buildings.
6220:39 < jerith> Also when deslecting a chicken to move.
6320:40 < jerith> Then there are some nice-to-haves.
6420:41 < jerith> Generating the gameboard instead of using a template.
6520:41 < jerith> Being able to select groups of chickens to work with.
6620:41 < jerith> Possibly even customisable ones.
6720:41 < jerith> That makes no sense outside my head.
6820:42 < jerith> Okay, two things.
6920:42 <&Nitwit> I like the idea of being able to have pre-determined maps
7020:42 < jerith> Select a group of chickens and say "put these over there".
7120:42 < jerith> Also, select a group of chickens and say "these are soldiers, re-equip them every turn if necessary".
7220:43 < jerith> So chicken classes, in other words.
7320:44 < jerith> If you sell a chicken with eggs, are you supposed to get paid out for the eggs too?
7420:44 < jerith> I think I tried it and didn't.
7520:44 < jerith> But I could be wrong.
7620:45 < jerith> We need some settings -- sound on/off at the least.
7720:45 < jerith> Why is resizing things in Windows a problem, by the way?
7820:46 < jerith> I seem to be throwing stuff into this channel at an alarming rate. Remind me to look at the logs when I have a moment or three.
7920:46 <&Nitwit> jerith: Not getting the money for the eggs probably a bug
8020:47 < jerith> Wishlist for buildings: opening a building opens a dialog you can move around with little chicken slots in it.
8120:48 < jerith> That'll be hard in pgu, though.
8220:49 < jerith> We need some harder foxes.
8320:49 < jerith> Maybe foxes that hit harder and/or are tougher.
8420:49 < jerith> We can have them triggered by the killed foxes count.
8520:49 < jerith> Thus, you get harder baddies as you get better at killing baddies.
8620:50 < jerith> Saving and loading games would be great, especially for the longer games.
8720:51 < jerith> Also different game scenarios -- one where you start off with lots of money and only a week, but foxes come faster, for example.
8820:51 < jerith> And alternate win conditions, as confluence mentioned.
8920:52 < jerith> Maybe reachaing a certain cash level.
9020:52 < jerith> Also bigger game boards once we can scroll, although that getts difficult in night mode.
9120:52 < jerith> Forests should give foxes a stealth bonus.
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