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(edit) @192:3dc2b6290e66   7 years firxen Document collision handler a little better.
(edit) @191:e080fcd07fa9   7 years stefano Overlay notes
(edit) @190:97627a999042   7 years drnlmuller Don't render the old scene with the protagnist's new position during …
(edit) @188:3894cfe15823   7 years firxen Better collision handling, potentially locked doors.
(edit) @186:d63c19003aec   7 years firxen Some refactoring and fixing, start of better collision handling.
(edit) @185:dfacd08b8566   7 years stefano Make FloorSwitchPuzzler? are more generic CollidePuzzler?
(edit) @180:026297a03963   7 years drnlmuller Add DoorEvent? and tweak ScreenChange? to keep more state when the …
(edit) @179:1ee8756888e4   7 years drnlmuller Add some state manipulation helper methods
(edit) @176:054944c6472b   7 years drnlmuller Initial door object
(edit) @175:f409af31cb7b   7 years drnlmuller add level2 to list of screens
(edit) @173:197a41520ad1   7 years drnlmuller Tweak resources.get_file to allow creating non-existant files
(edit) @168:ce8d4fc3baf4   7 years drnlmuller A patrolling alien
(edit) @164:06c681ff53aa   7 years drnlmuller Round-tripping through load/save shouldn't discard objects
(edit) @162:507df17cfbaf   7 years firxen Pictures for lights and switches.
(edit) @161:500c5a68607c   7 years stefano Skip loading images before the display is initialized (so the level …
(edit) @160:0c9b0449485e   7 years firxen Consolidate image rendering stuff a bit.
(edit) @159:f80323140317   7 years drnlmuller Stickier facings
(edit) @156:94a2456696af   7 years drnlmuller front and back views
(edit) @155:b455873020be   7 years firxen Crates look like crates.
(edit) @147:7d8e1682587f   7 years firxen Fix imports.
(edit) @146:fff8e14858b4   7 years firxen Remove hardcoded level hackery.
(edit) @145:0c49627920eb   7 years firxen Load game objects from level.
(edit) @143:deac6a4008e7   7 years drnlmuller Hook up protagnist animations
(edit) @142:cd77974b2a87   7 years stefano Send a fake resize event, to discover the real window size under a …
(edit) @141:076448ba0582   7 years stefano Add a trailing newline
(edit) @140:f36a7075d9a0   7 years firxen Two switch puzzle!
(edit) @139:d1f543ff0805   7 years stefano YAML levels
(edit) @138:366b334a7018   7 years stefano Render tuples to lists
(edit) @137:c5ff16c66100   7 years stefano Support other interesting keys, too
(edit) @136:0280ee006d95   7 years stefano Support integer dict keys
(edit) @133:79e1888573d3   7 years firxen A box.
(edit) @132:e1ef3727b7f8   7 years stefano Wrap long line
(edit) @131:568476db7115   7 years stefano Dump inline lists and dicts too
(edit) @130:67f18e72024d   7 years stefano Handle corner cases around quotes in strings
(edit) @129:423266f0b9e4   7 years stefano Support inline lists, dicts, etc. And alternative top level objects
(edit) @128:fbb073720bac   7 years drnlmuller Fill screen with black on scene changes, so small levels aren't …
(edit) @127:fe1f0bb4ecf0   7 years drnlmuller Handle case of display larger than the level better
(edit) @126:c3af35561494   7 years firxen Cleaner switch/light rendering.
(edit) @125:12be9632fa15   7 years firxen Better tests.
(edit) @124:ae61528436f1   7 years firxen Fix test.
(edit) @123:23b533d6f27e   7 years firxen Rearrange game objects a bit.
(edit) @122:02423600d958   7 years drnlmuller Use dialogs to report save results
(edit) @121:7d022648aa4e   7 years stefano Dump dicts in sorted order
(edit) @120:e6e7a471146a   7 years stefano Support numeric types
(edit) @119:b75de48a618c   7 years stefano Support boolean and None types
(edit) @118:c02a99502a90   7 years drnlmuller Tweak 'draw exterior' logic to handle surrounded polygons better
(edit) @114:d1a96fc62d26   7 years stefano Fallback to pytest's skip exception
(edit) @113:163122b3a8e9   7 years stefano Appease the gods of PEP-8
(edit) @112:c28f2fc2bb05   7 years stefano Test with dump_s and load_s
(edit) @111:16d9f3a0dc29   7 years stefano Refactored as classes for readability and to make it easier to support …
(edit) @110:844073eaef69   7 years firxen Some basic puzzle tests.
(edit) @107:b90d01e4d9d4   7 years firxen Layered drawing.
(edit) @106:bce9cd8a4a8c   7 years firxen FloorLight?, linked to a FloorSwitch?.
(edit) @105:0131e4606e1a   7 years firxen List of drawables in area.
(edit) @104:1be3eebb87c4   7 years firxen More consistent debug rendering.
(edit) @103:adf3cd83bf7a   7 years stefano Support a common stylistic variation
(edit) @102:fd9c4db5ddfe   7 years stefano Rename to yamlish
(edit) @101:93aa745d57ff   7 years drnlmuller draw protagnist bounding box in debug mode. Redo drawing logic to …
(edit) @100:96bdfadeb461   7 years firxen Cleaner direction key management.
(edit) @98:93256a0987a2   7 years drnlmuller Fix newer pep8 continuation complaint
(edit) @97:c177cdc41477   7 years firxen Add WASD controls, switch to "c" for form change.
(edit) @95:ecba9550ad8d   7 years drnlmuller Fill the exterior with the blackness of space
(edit) @94:9ef5c5810dcd   7 years firxen Comment out shape drawing for protagonist. Useful for debugging, but …
(edit) @93:d6a49f0c1e6e   7 years firxen Rectangular human protagonist shape, refactored physicsers.
(edit) @92:4c7e85906453   7 years firxen Start next to the wall, not in it.
(edit) @91:5c31b4d1851c   7 years firxen Remove NullPhysicser?, since it looks like everything needs PHYSICS!!!
(edit) @90:a8d83de5b460   7 years stefano Dump our YAML subset too
(edit) @89:102043902451   7 years stefano Simple (subset of) YAML parser
(edit) @87:75d8ad4bf9b5   7 years drnlmuller Hack in viewport
(edit) @86:a5c839994d41   7 years drnlmuller Tweak render order
(edit) @85:c56eeaabd850   7 years drnlmuller Make the window resizable
(edit) @84:ef8e799477e0   7 years drnlmuller Point pymunk at a screen surface, not the display to make things saner
(edit) @83:d7beca6b6762   7 years davidsharpe Fix whitespace again.
(edit) @82:11b0017b5e4b   7 years davidsharpe Fix whitespace.
(edit) @81:a1b4d09e6f23   7 years davidsharpe Floor switch with horrible hackery.
(edit) @76:29ace74cc9de   7 years stefano Human
(edit) @75:79748a884eb5   7 years stefano Put levels in a levels directory
(edit) @73:e118458a4e9c   7 years davidsharpe Added environmental motion effects to protagonist.
(edit) @72:5db052531510   7 years stefano Move save() to Level
(edit) @66:8bf0459ebc56   7 years firxen Clean up a few things.
(edit) @65:a99ac95a2940   7 years firxen Move protagonist object to the right place.
(edit) @64:972142c543ef   7 years firxen Unused import.
(edit) @63:7f038ee778ad   7 years firxen Put werewolf facing direction magic back.
(edit) @62:1d67a8c9861d   7 years firxen WTF whitespace?!?!?!?!
(edit) @61:a0399535bb7c   7 years firxen Fix import.
(edit) @60:34a87ec12124   7 years firxen Fix long line.
(edit) @59:b412704a6737   7 years firxen Start of game object stuff.
(edit) @58:cee0b845dedc   7 years stefano Centre the wolf on its body
(edit) @56:b9430b4a48da   7 years stefano Now with a werewolf
(edit) @54:2c1b85b6f457   7 years hodgestar Add .get_file() to resources.
(edit) @53:39d346467052   7 years hodgestar Draw all the walls.
(edit) @52:b55f1783eb6e   7 years hodgestar Tweak wall thickness and human impulse.
(edit) @50:94d47bfcc7bb   7 years drnlmuller Approximate levels and walls
(edit) @47:82036437ebf6   7 years hodgestar Better movement and swap between werewolf and human form with 'w' …
(edit) @41:1d087f79ca29   7 years hodgestar Use fixed timestemp because pymunk docs say this is an order of …
(edit) @39:0e7bb6eb7c0a   7 years stefano Don't prefix the basedir twice
(edit) @37:4140780c21bc   7 years hodgestar Give screens a name and a world.
(edit) @35:457280af5f3a   7 years hodgestar Remove unused import.
(edit) @34:2995723e8ccf   7 years hodgestar Move and hold.
(edit) @33:d9b65cf72db4   7 years stefano Prettier resource loading module
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