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(edit) @104:1be3eebb87c4   7 years firxen More consistent debug rendering.
(edit) @103:adf3cd83bf7a   7 years stefano Support a common stylistic variation
(edit) @102:fd9c4db5ddfe   7 years stefano Rename to yamlish
(edit) @101:93aa745d57ff   7 years drnlmuller draw protagnist bounding box in debug mode. Redo drawing logic to …
(edit) @100:96bdfadeb461   7 years firxen Cleaner direction key management.
(edit) @98:93256a0987a2   7 years drnlmuller Fix newer pep8 continuation complaint
(edit) @97:c177cdc41477   7 years firxen Add WASD controls, switch to "c" for form change.
(edit) @95:ecba9550ad8d   7 years drnlmuller Fill the exterior with the blackness of space
(edit) @94:9ef5c5810dcd   7 years firxen Comment out shape drawing for protagonist. Useful for debugging, but …
(edit) @93:d6a49f0c1e6e   7 years firxen Rectangular human protagonist shape, refactored physicsers.
(edit) @92:4c7e85906453   7 years firxen Start next to the wall, not in it.
(edit) @91:5c31b4d1851c   7 years firxen Remove NullPhysicser?, since it looks like everything needs PHYSICS!!!
(edit) @90:a8d83de5b460   7 years stefano Dump our YAML subset too
(edit) @89:102043902451   7 years stefano Simple (subset of) YAML parser
(edit) @87:75d8ad4bf9b5   7 years drnlmuller Hack in viewport
(edit) @86:a5c839994d41   7 years drnlmuller Tweak render order
(edit) @85:c56eeaabd850   7 years drnlmuller Make the window resizable
(edit) @84:ef8e799477e0   7 years drnlmuller Point pymunk at a screen surface, not the display to make things saner
(edit) @83:d7beca6b6762   7 years davidsharpe Fix whitespace again.
(edit) @82:11b0017b5e4b   7 years davidsharpe Fix whitespace.
(edit) @81:a1b4d09e6f23   7 years davidsharpe Floor switch with horrible hackery.
(edit) @76:29ace74cc9de   7 years stefano Human
(edit) @75:79748a884eb5   7 years stefano Put levels in a levels directory
(edit) @73:e118458a4e9c   7 years davidsharpe Added environmental motion effects to protagonist.
(edit) @72:5db052531510   7 years stefano Move save() to Level
(edit) @66:8bf0459ebc56   7 years firxen Clean up a few things.
(edit) @65:a99ac95a2940   7 years firxen Move protagonist object to the right place.
(edit) @64:972142c543ef   7 years firxen Unused import.
(edit) @63:7f038ee778ad   7 years firxen Put werewolf facing direction magic back.
(edit) @62:1d67a8c9861d   7 years firxen WTF whitespace?!?!?!?!
(edit) @61:a0399535bb7c   7 years firxen Fix import.
(edit) @60:34a87ec12124   7 years firxen Fix long line.
(edit) @59:b412704a6737   7 years firxen Start of game object stuff.
(edit) @58:cee0b845dedc   7 years stefano Centre the wolf on its body
(edit) @56:b9430b4a48da   7 years stefano Now with a werewolf
(edit) @54:2c1b85b6f457   7 years hodgestar Add .get_file() to resources.
(edit) @53:39d346467052   7 years hodgestar Draw all the walls.
(edit) @52:b55f1783eb6e   7 years hodgestar Tweak wall thickness and human impulse.
(edit) @50:94d47bfcc7bb   7 years drnlmuller Approximate levels and walls
(edit) @47:82036437ebf6   7 years hodgestar Better movement and swap between werewolf and human form with 'w' …
(edit) @41:1d087f79ca29   7 years hodgestar Use fixed timestemp because pymunk docs say this is an order of …
(edit) @39:0e7bb6eb7c0a   7 years stefano Don't prefix the basedir twice
(edit) @37:4140780c21bc   7 years hodgestar Give screens a name and a world.
(edit) @35:457280af5f3a   7 years hodgestar Remove unused import.
(edit) @34:2995723e8ccf   7 years hodgestar Move and hold.
(edit) @33:d9b65cf72db4   7 years stefano Prettier resource loading module
(edit) @32:0e49648f8d74   7 years firxen Arbitrary function condition.
(edit) @31:c62ed518e5c8   7 years hodgestar Fix repor and add type-check to eq.
(edit) @29:58505d3482b6   7 years stefano Text on the menu screen
(edit) @28:c03982fe3c70   7 years firxen Protagonist and environment.
(edit) @27:3e4d8091268c   7 years hodgestar A werewolf always knows where she's going.
(edit) @25:e93eac7cf8c2   7 years hodgestar Consider a spherical werewolf.
(edit) @24:50babb330261   7 years stefano Forgot to add mutators…
(edit) @21:1b048d2a8411   7 years hodgestar Fake area.
(edit) @20:347667c941de   7 years hodgestar Hook up area.
(edit) @19:113f31bd9d49   7 years hodgestar Clean-up imports.
(edit) @18:9ecb1d222ee0   7 years hodgestar Screens.
(edit) @17:b0644173d0aa   7 years stefano Image loading
(edit) @16:fe1426d09074   7 years hodgestar Merge.
(edit) @15:980339c28b42   7 years hodgestar Add start of engine / event dispatcher.
(edit) @14:17b233a54651   7 years stefano Docstring
(edit) @13:b410c7153d52   7 years stefano Option parsing
(edit) @11:1cd05cfec375   7 years hodgestar Add start of screen / level / area object.
(edit) @10:f7a0d6fd9f00   7 years stefano Some startup code
(edit) @8:3769f9d260d8   7 years drnlmuller Add traditional / splite to filepath
(add) @0:1ea8fa09b70f   7 years drnlmuller Add skellington
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