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(edit) @482:1b7accf22999   8 years hodgestar Set clip rect on mysurface.
(edit) @480:c302e304b0ce   8 years stefano Only print the death position in debug mode
(edit) @477:290cb3a0927e   8 years drnlmuller Extra helper
(edit) @474:9775055ba2f0   8 years firxen Prettier bulkheads.
(edit) @471:616f08c0f096   8 years hodgestar None is the same as not changing screen (it's dry but you can commit it).
(edit) @469:82db70c28722   8 years decoydavid Added and working on hangar.
(edit) @456:427d4a3c53d7   8 years firxen Better CollidePuzzler behaviour.
(edit) @454:803d53c86f7f   8 years stefano Don't show debugging shapes by default in DEBUG mode
(edit) @453:12c71124bbca   8 years drnlmuller Zero is allowed
(edit) @448:044b53eb22df   8 years stefano DEBUG: Command line starting area and point
(edit) @447:f12eae3dc2e8   8 years stefano Set the name
(edit) @446:3054c62f9d64   8 years firxen Faster sheep running.
(edit) @444:547320870aed   8 years firxen Herd ALL THE SHEEPS.
(edit) @440:9eee96966d88   8 years stefano Add Death event to reduce death code duplication
(edit) @437:d087dfb10896   8 years stefano Replace menu and death screen with the starting level
(edit) @433:8cd9828828c0   8 years drnlmuller PEP8
(edit) @431:fef028d65451   8 years drnlmuller Cache tiling of the background
(edit) @429:46ecb2c4cb61   8 years davidsharpe Special relativistic gravities again.
(edit) @427:3ee839f227ad   8 years davidsharpe Special relativistic gravities.
(edit) @425:1a85044f81a8   8 years drnlmuller Safer color access
(edit) @418:367bdb91b998   8 years davidsharpe p8
(edit) @417:01f48d8dc56a   8 years davidsharpe Well, gravity push.
(edit) @416:bea0ea5b98df   8 years davidsharpe Well, gravity.
(edit) @415:9d2a8dfba670   8 years firxen Sheep behaviour.
(edit) @410:d7bd9adb105a   8 years firxen Sheep! (And refactoring!)
(edit) @409:180c27514619   8 years firxen Better protagonist finding for enemies.
(edit) @408:d04981e24fda   8 years stefano Move hard-coded starting point to levels meta file
(edit) @406:7fcde01ea50e   8 years stefano No, we really don't need EnemyDeathEvent
(edit) @405:c0ce236f153c   8 years firxen Pad multiline text.
(edit) @403:aa1a8d740d4b   8 years stefano Add attacks to stats screen
(edit) @402:c08d409a1c87   8 years adrianna.pinska better bubbles (work in progress)
(edit) @401:f7ee43c0e5c9   8 years drnlmuller Animated acid
(edit) @400:4523b1ff17ae   8 years drnlmuller Hack together tile animation
(edit) @399:a7d48819a711   8 years stefano Reselt world on death
(edit) @398:e36e6101b766   8 years stefano Restarting the level restores health
(edit) @397:a08965437df2   8 years drnlmuller Fold long text messages somewhat
(edit) @396:b3df20c76afd   8 years drnlmuller Pass layout hint to overlays
(edit) @395:450081926426   8 years drnlmuller Better MultiLineWidget
(edit) @394:76f053cf2322   8 years stefano Use Result instead of ClawEvent
(edit) @393:8d961e05b7b6   8 years stefano Use Result to handle firing
(edit) @391:866cdc74b26a   8 years stefano Use Result to handle enemy death (but keep the event for accounting …
(edit) @390:52c94435e38b   8 years firxen Goodbye foul locked_door!
(edit) @388:8a65fd894f73   8 years drnlmuller remove unneeded fill
(edit) @387:ca89d566f9ef   8 years drnlmuller Drop unused alpha bit from tile_surface helper
(edit) @386:6daf48763bc0   8 years stefano Don't crash if we have an out of date saved state
(edit) @385:51deb78cae52   8 years stefano Use a result object to get new drawables back to the area
(edit) @384:9efc1ab833c8   8 years firxen Fix positioning and debug print.
(edit) @382:70f6917cad07   8 years firxen Some notes.
(edit) @380:a106d7e1415b   8 years stefano Colons are allowed in strings
(edit) @379:e2cebabf87e8   8 years stefano Collected collectables stay collected
(edit) @378:8069c9be1c3e   8 years stefano Create a nagslang.collectable module for collectables
(edit) @377:4eb7f5dffa59   8 years adrianna.pinska new acid and moonlight art
(edit) @375:83c29d0a0b9c   8 years stefano Count deaths
(edit) @374:150332d6c1fb   8 years stefano Move the inventory to world, to slightly reduce overall hackyness
(edit) @373:8c7c5db5f0d3   8 years stefano Change the flavour of magic in World
(edit) @372:024304f6d068   8 years firxen Use timers for enemy ballistics cooldown.
(edit) @371:21c1c329f8e3   8 years firxen Automatic weapons.
(edit) @370:b5a0081f5784   8 years stefano Make the inventory a set
(edit) @368:57895217bd74   8 years drnlmuller Start refactoring alien movement
(edit) @367:ea315cdf286d   8 years stefano Enemy ranged attacks do damage
(edit) @366:9898fa231c4b   8 years stefano Move ranged attack code to Enemy. Don't shoot through solid objects
(edit) @365:3aa3981a64a4   8 years firxen More sensible health bar positioning.
(edit) @364:72a91d64c088   8 years firxen Keycard doors.
(edit) @363:3dd08e18580f   8 years stefano Acid attacks shoot things that look like acid
(edit) @362:d0aeb893967d   8 years drnlmuller Transparent moonlight
(edit) @361:534eac55a178   8 years stefano ChargingEnemy spits acid
(edit) @359:d42752ab3231   8 years firxen Refactor doors and add horrible temporoary image for someone to fix later.
(edit) @358:911547a1c378   8 years stefano Kill dead speed limits
(edit) @357:d2c7e17299a7   8 years firxen Moonlight tiles force wolf form.
(edit) @356:582a96e5fdac   8 years David Sharpe Tweaks to the claw attack.
(edit) @354:55752fc7b753   8 years drnlmuller Add convex requirement to hint
(edit) @353:b67ea65dae2b   8 years drnlmuller Faster tiled renderer
(edit) @351:50fce787ae17   8 years drnlmuller Hostile terrian objects
(edit) @349:c4285f19894c   8 years drnlmuller Add a tiled renderer
(edit) @348:f0e8970ab804   8 years drnlmuller Split out tiling into utility function
(edit) @347:dced49dd9864   8 years firxen Health bar transparency.
(edit) @346:282113d86d75   8 years firxen Save door and lever state.
(edit) @345:4708e86a9a3c   8 years stefano Remember start position on a level (a bit hacky)
(edit) @344:1d73867becbe   8 years stefano Allow tuples in dicts
(edit) @343:e5f525c87eb9   8 years drnlmuller Robustness fix
(edit) @342:11febdb72296   8 years stefano Resume from the previous level
(edit) @341:63d0c70a4e15   8 years firxen Enemies can hurt things again. (Oops.)
(edit) @340:eb24e74df4c3   8 years firxen Less violent werewolf health colour.
(edit) @339:9137e792307b   8 years firxen Use constants for health.
(edit) @338:0da3d9af277f   8 years firxen Better change sequence.
(edit) @337:004e3dd38336   8 years drnlmuller Re-enable no-sound option
(edit) @336:1d487646a4d4   8 years firxen Better key handling, form change delay.
(edit) @335:78b805549b4e   8 years firxen More interesting claw attack.
(edit) @334:a3f1b2f0e3fb   8 years firxen Physics-related cleanup.
(edit) @333:3dd32686dbc3   8 years firxen Better wolf claw attack.
(edit) @332:ffefb93127c5   8 years adrianna.pinska laser gun
(edit) @331:5030ef2718ae   8 years hodgestar Fix claw attack rendering a bit.
(edit) @328:14339d2d46bc   8 years drnlmuller Only add objects with actual puzzlers to the glue
(edit) @325:52b5a822be26   8 years hodgestar Load first level on play start.
(edit) @322:a4e93b1086b8   8 years hodgestar Load all levels.
(edit) @321:0d7885e2f063   8 years hodgestar Add means for listing levels and areas.
(edit) @319:01e98732de46   8 years stefano Open bulkheads are no longer opaque to furniture
(edit) @318:26d1978fa1da   8 years stefano BOX is no longer accurate
(edit) @317:a5fe5a69689d   8 years stefano Actually use the base tile specified in the level
(edit) @313:768e1d06155f   8 years David Sharpe PEP8
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