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(edit) @379:e2cebabf87e8   7 years stefano Collected collectables stay collected
(edit) @378:8069c9be1c3e   7 years stefano Create a nagslang.collectable module for collectables
(edit) @348:f0e8970ab804   7 years drnlmuller Split out tiling into utility function
(edit) @346:282113d86d75   7 years firxen Save door and lever state.
(edit) @321:0d7885e2f063   7 years hodgestar Add means for listing levels and areas.
(edit) @317:a5fe5a69689d   7 years stefano Actually use the base tile specified in the level
(edit) @277:56e42c00da25   7 years drnlmuller Protagonist and enemies should see the world
(edit) @274:988cf7c8b402   7 years drnlmuller Add object returns for use in the level editor
(edit) @209:ad1d3de210cd   7 years stefano Drop compatibility imports, and allow an optional module on classnames
(edit) @201:3495a2025bc6   7 years stefano Break puzzlers out of
(edit) @197:34c11bb5c96e   7 years firxen Interior walls.
(edit) @191:e080fcd07fa9   7 years stefano Overlay notes
(edit) @168:ce8d4fc3baf4   7 years drnlmuller A patrolling alien
(edit) @164:06c681ff53aa   7 years drnlmuller Round-tripping through load/save shouldn't discard objects
(edit) @145:0c49627920eb   7 years firxen Load game objects from level.
(edit) @139:d1f543ff0805   7 years stefano YAML levels
(edit) @122:02423600d958   7 years drnlmuller Use dialogs to report save results
(edit) @118:c02a99502a90   7 years drnlmuller Tweak 'draw exterior' logic to handle surrounded polygons better
(edit) @98:93256a0987a2   7 years drnlmuller Fix newer pep8 continuation complaint
(edit) @95:ecba9550ad8d   7 years drnlmuller Fill the exterior with the blackness of space
(edit) @75:79748a884eb5   7 years stefano Put levels in a levels directory
(edit) @72:5db052531510   7 years stefano Move save() to Level
(edit) @54:2c1b85b6f457   7 years hodgestar Add .get_file() to resources.
(edit) @53:39d346467052   7 years hodgestar Draw all the walls.
(add) @50:94d47bfcc7bb   7 years drnlmuller Approximate levels and walls
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