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(edit) @655:baacd0462d8e   8 years drnlmuller Fix tile animation bugfixes
(edit) @647:aeb366d97774   8 years stefano Show splash image on startup
(edit) @628:db960388b912   8 years hodgestar Blast off home.
(edit) @624:59d375111cc5   8 years drnlmuller collider based moonlight and acid
(edit) @614:baff8131cd73   8 years firxen Heavier SokoBoxes are sturdier.
(edit) @612:d9e7009bec9f   8 years hodgestar Bullet sounds.
(edit) @610:29d67c51fd33   8 years firxen Better KeyedHatch.
(edit) @609:9ea26b835271   8 years firxen KeyedHatch
(edit) @591:8dcf5176ffd8   8 years firxen Door sound.
(edit) @585:eb7909b354cd   8 years decoydavid Merge
(edit) @584:6d2f6fcd914d   8 years decoydavid Fuck you cargo bay!!!!!!
(edit) @575:afe748673076   8 years hodgestar Tweak gravity well.
(edit) @570:3c7593a84b06   8 years drnlmuller Make hatches movable
(edit) @569:f735665c359e   8 years firxen Only save state when PuzzleDoor is activated, not on update.
(edit) @567:33f28f1cb0eb   8 years hodgestar Fix gravity well requires.
(edit) @563:a68951a9fe40   8 years decoydavid More Cargo bay.
(edit) @560:57efcd81647b   8 years firxen SokoBox.
(edit) @558:4abf8cf717e9   8 years firxen Rename "bulkhead" to "hatch".
(edit) @551:766472b5c9a6   8 years firxen Apologetic comment.
(edit) @548:b0c5f032eb9d   8 years drnlmuller Tweak terrain render creation logic
(edit) @521:61e3e5d28a05   8 years stefano Sligthly pinker ephemeral notes
(edit) @520:3f79a77ef1e3   8 years stefano Ephemeral messages
(edit) @519:ddd86cb25945   8 years firxen Updated hangar.
(edit) @510:2cdfbc483d57   8 years stefano Don't put the starting level in the world, it just creates too much pain
(edit) @488:ae8eb7c0f7bb   8 years firxen Better wall and bulkhead drawing.
(edit) @477:290cb3a0927e   8 years drnlmuller Extra helper
(edit) @474:9775055ba2f0   8 years firxen Prettier bulkheads.
(edit) @444:547320870aed   8 years firxen Herd ALL THE SHEEPS.
(edit) @437:d087dfb10896   8 years stefano Replace menu and death screen with the starting level
(edit) @429:46ecb2c4cb61   8 years davidsharpe Special relativistic gravities again.
(edit) @427:3ee839f227ad   8 years davidsharpe Special relativistic gravities.
(edit) @418:367bdb91b998   8 years davidsharpe p8
(edit) @417:01f48d8dc56a   8 years davidsharpe Well, gravity push.
(edit) @416:bea0ea5b98df   8 years davidsharpe Well, gravity.
(edit) @402:c08d409a1c87   8 years adrianna.pinska better bubbles (work in progress)
(edit) @401:f7ee43c0e5c9   8 years drnlmuller Animated acid
(edit) @393:8d961e05b7b6   8 years stefano Use Result to handle firing
(edit) @390:52c94435e38b   8 years firxen Goodbye foul locked_door!
(edit) @385:51deb78cae52   8 years stefano Use a result object to get new drawables back to the area
(edit) @384:9efc1ab833c8   8 years firxen Fix positioning and debug print.
(edit) @382:70f6917cad07   8 years firxen Some notes.
(edit) @378:8069c9be1c3e   8 years stefano Create a nagslang.collectable module for collectables
(edit) @377:4eb7f5dffa59   8 years adrianna.pinska new acid and moonlight art
(edit) @374:150332d6c1fb   8 years stefano Move the inventory to world, to slightly reduce overall hackyness
(edit) @371:21c1c329f8e3   8 years firxen Automatic weapons.
(edit) @370:b5a0081f5784   8 years stefano Make the inventory a set
(edit) @364:72a91d64c088   8 years firxen Keycard doors.
(edit) @363:3dd08e18580f   8 years stefano Acid attacks shoot things that look like acid
(edit) @362:d0aeb893967d   8 years drnlmuller Transparent moonlight
(edit) @359:d42752ab3231   8 years firxen Refactor doors and add horrible temporoary image for someone to fix later.
(edit) @357:d2c7e17299a7   8 years firxen Moonlight tiles force wolf form.
(edit) @356:582a96e5fdac   8 years David Sharpe Tweaks to the claw attack.
(edit) @354:55752fc7b753   8 years drnlmuller Add convex requirement to hint
(edit) @351:50fce787ae17   8 years drnlmuller Hostile terrian objects
(edit) @346:282113d86d75   8 years firxen Save door and lever state.
(edit) @335:78b805549b4e   8 years firxen More interesting claw attack.
(edit) @333:3dd32686dbc3   8 years firxen Better wolf claw attack.
(edit) @332:ffefb93127c5   8 years adrianna.pinska laser gun
(edit) @331:5030ef2718ae   8 years hodgestar Fix claw attack rendering a bit.
(edit) @319:01e98732de46   8 years stefano Open bulkheads are no longer opaque to furniture
(edit) @318:26d1978fa1da   8 years stefano BOX is no longer accurate
(edit) @313:768e1d06155f   8 years David Sharpe PEP8
(edit) @312:72aca01c87ed   8 years David Sharpe Basic claw attack, stealing liberally from other people's code! ;)
(edit) @307:c2bbb1e70d6f   8 years drnlmuller Rename animate to update and pass seconds, for future fun
(edit) @305:ce11e1cae0ed   8 years stefano Enemies now die
(edit) @302:a0a471ad2ee8   8 years stefano Pass bullet hits through to the target
(edit) @297:b00ed05f7364   8 years stefano Create a tuple of bullet position, so we don't just hold a reference …
(edit) @296:eb08426a58fe   8 years firxen Levers look like levers.
(edit) @295:b398b0bc3f17   8 years stefano Bullets don't collide with sensors
(edit) @293:47226c661ae2   8 years stefano Bullets that mostly die when they hit things
(edit) @286:248b8fdb160c   8 years firxen Collect gun (which currently looks like a bullet) to shoot.
(edit) @282:9d186b897d82   8 years firxen Toggle switch, sans art.
(edit) @281:9b56e954c674   8 years firxen Protagonist actions, now required for operating doors.
(edit) @276:3153196517fc   8 years drnlmuller Move protagonist to the world
(edit) @264:c1d862334e3d   8 years drnlmuller PEP8
(edit) @263:6c554ce627e3   8 years drnlmuller Add angle to doors
(edit) @261:db7c8e74efb4   8 years stefano (really rubbish) bullets
(edit) @256:2a0bad886956   8 years firxen Collision handlers get the protagonist.
(edit) @235:831e4f6b3d18   8 years drnlmuller Add hints for the level editor
(edit) @229:329b3044ddef   8 years firxen Much better facing renderers.
(edit) @224:b6db213e53a2   8 years firxen Bulkheads are bits of wall you can walk through.
(edit) @222:cc5f2a5ac501   8 years stefano Overlays belong in render
(edit) @218:9e2ef2f15035   8 years firxen Better rendering and movement detection.
(edit) @217:d98daba73055   8 years firxen Composition-based renderers.
(edit) @216:f23ab2dd6ce8   8 years firxen Clunkier properties to make pyflakes happy.
(edit) @215:325c317cbfa1   8 years firxen Better protagonist physicser.
(edit) @211:434b5a3aaaff   8 years drnlmuller Pass display offset to overlays for when the display is larger than …
(edit) @209:ad1d3de210cd   8 years stefano Drop compatibility imports, and allow an optional module on classnames
(edit) @208:3d54fe7a2998   8 years firxen Fun with mass and friction.
(edit) @207:42e8993c31fd   8 years stefano Break out Renderers
(edit) @203:917e721f170e   8 years stefano And another puzzler for level-importing
(edit) @201:3495a2025bc6   8 years stefano Break puzzlers out of
(edit) @196:40f618978c00   8 years stefano Overlays that don't suck as much
(edit) @192:3dc2b6290e66   8 years firxen Document collision handler a little better.
(edit) @191:e080fcd07fa9   8 years stefano Overlay notes
(edit) @188:3894cfe15823   8 years firxen Better collision handling, potentially locked doors.
(edit) @186:d63c19003aec   8 years firxen Some refactoring and fixing, start of better collision handling.
(edit) @185:dfacd08b8566   8 years stefano Make FloorSwitchPuzzler are more generic CollidePuzzler
(edit) @180:026297a03963   8 years drnlmuller Add DoorEvent and tweak ScreenChange to keep more state when the …
(edit) @176:054944c6472b   8 years drnlmuller Initial door object
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