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(edit) @393:8d961e05b7b6   7 years stefano Use Result to handle firing
(edit) @391:866cdc74b26a   7 years stefano Use Result to handle enemy death (but keep the event for accounting …
(edit) @385:51deb78cae52   7 years stefano Use a result object to get new drawables back to the area
(edit) @372:024304f6d068   7 years firxen Use timers for enemy ballistics cooldown.
(edit) @368:57895217bd74   7 years drnlmuller Start refactoring alien movement
(edit) @366:9898fa231c4b   7 years stefano Move ranged attack code to Enemy. Don't shoot through solid objects
(edit) @363:3dd08e18580f   7 years stefano Acid attacks shoot things that look like acid
(edit) @361:534eac55a178   7 years stefano ChargingEnemy? spits acid
(edit) @358:911547a1c378   7 years stefano Kill dead speed limits
(edit) @341:63d0c70a4e15   7 years firxen Enemies can hurt things again. (Oops.)
(edit) @334:a3f1b2f0e3fb   7 years firxen Physics-related cleanup.
(edit) @333:3dd32686dbc3   7 years firxen Better wolf claw attack.
(edit) @318:26d1978fa1da   7 years stefano BOX is no longer accurate
(edit) @310:fa408430a174   7 years stefano Now *both* types of enemies die
(edit) @308:3dee86b6c216   7 years stefano Enemies leave corpses
(edit) @307:c2bbb1e70d6f   7 years drnlmuller Rename animate to update and pass seconds, for future fun
(edit) @305:ce11e1cae0ed   7 years stefano Enemies now die
(edit) @278:e72025e9aa07   7 years drnlmuller simple slow charging alien
(edit) @277:56e42c00da25   7 years drnlmuller Protagonist and enemies should see the world
(edit) @265:8a695b8ecd6c   7 years David Sharpe Correcting damage application
(edit) @259:f23be1013c94   7 years drnlmuller Fix function signature
(edit) @258:083053422a84   7 years David Sharpe Added collision damage with enemies.
(edit) @235:831e4f6b3d18   7 years drnlmuller Add hints for the level editor
(edit) @229:329b3044ddef   7 years firxen Much better facing renderers.
(edit) @218:9e2ef2f15035   7 years firxen Better rendering and movement detection.
(edit) @217:d98daba73055   7 years firxen Composition-based renderers.
(edit) @208:3d54fe7a2998   7 years firxen Fun with mass and friction.
(edit) @207:42e8993c31fd   7 years stefano Break out Renderers
(add) @168:ce8d4fc3baf4   7 years drnlmuller A patrolling alien
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