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(edit) @688:a60c5e0131e8   7 years adrianna.pinska and these were modified for no apparent reason v0.1.x
(edit) @687:6e7d1d78e73a   7 years adrianna.pinska changed title font v0.1.x
(edit) @683:4e29650dba50   7 years firxen Improve sheep puzzle hint. (Thanks Cosmologicon.)
(edit) @673:62b9eac8e236   7 years stefano 24 and 48 are probably useful
(edit) @672:b9c29fd56b1e   7 years stefano Icons
(edit) @651:9bc02ea5f9d8   7 years decoydavid Someone forgot the sheep!
(edit) @648:9346fa37f887   7 years adrianna.pinska title which is the right size
(edit) @646:45dbbc4c1fd0   7 years stefano Restart text for end screen
(edit) @645:457d0e05e16a   7 years adrianna.pinska title image
(edit) @643:4cf19c6734ec   7 years decoydavid Title
(edit) @640:5b8a436ed08f   7 years adrianna.pinska rocket console
(edit) @637:756f93d4a2d4   7 years decoydavid Changed spawn location in finale.
(edit) @635:1eed282b6dea   7 years hodgestar End sound.
(edit) @631:6da2e60d25eb   7 years firxen More interesting notes.
(edit) @628:db960388b912   7 years hodgestar Blast off home.
(edit) @627:c838c7d3d252   7 years firxen More hangar notes.
(edit) @625:e9e73ec9b18a   7 years hodgestar End notes!
(edit) @622:3687d06c539f   7 years adrianna.pinska finale has hatches instead of doors
(edit) @621:e011e159b72d   7 years hodgestar Add end level.
(edit) @620:b0f6259a5a87   7 years hodgestar Alien Death Sounds.
(edit) @618:cc94512d14f2   7 years decoydavid Merge
(edit) @617:2070ce83637b   7 years decoydavid Merge
(edit) @616:11a3ac7365cd   7 years decoydavid Fixed movement between hangar, crew and bloody cargo bloody bay. I …
(edit) @615:b641db4c4a8c   7 years stefano Correct linkage between alientunnel 2 & 3
(edit) @613:0b46e8524ec5   7 years stefano Link human and alien worlds
(edit) @612:d9e7009bec9f   7 years hodgestar Bullet sounds.
(edit) @611:c7411c70fe0e   7 years drnlmuller Change alien destinations
(edit) @608:9b9d529ba5d9   7 years hodgestar Allow music volume to be specified.
(edit) @606:db59a4aae6fd   7 years hodgestar Music files.
(edit) @605:3712911d6e8f   7 years hodgestar Sounds.
(edit) @601:19adab18ee7d   7 years hodgestar Add Gun to crew quarters.
(edit) @599:8ce6a161854c   7 years adrianna.pinska finale almost done
(edit) @597:b21f0d978c48   7 years firxen Tweak door.
(edit) @596:8f53087c3745   7 years hodgestar Last aliens for crew quarters.
(edit) @595:e848e77c5fee   7 years hodgestar Lift room puzzle.
(edit) @594:21bb9dfa7f9f   7 years decoydavid Merge
(edit) @593:0279d573ef7e   7 years decoydavid You know what? If you want any more changes on this $*&(#$*&@($*&% …
(edit) @592:db8b87caa402   7 years hodgestar Add boxes.
(edit) @591:8dcf5176ffd8   7 years firxen Door sound.
(edit) @590:d1c4cf7dfeca   7 years hodgestar Two more aliens.
(edit) @589:91d335cfebb1   7 years stefano Quotes around the string with a colon in it
(edit) @588:c0c3fcf0df26   7 years hodgestar Door opening sound.
(edit) @587:475a847354de   7 years hodgestar Moonlight sonata in the finale.
(edit) @585:eb7909b354cd   7 years decoydavid Merge
(edit) @584:6d2f6fcd914d   7 years decoydavid Fuck you cargo bay!!!!!!
(edit) @583:ea9e489315f7   7 years hodgestar Let there be light.
(edit) @582:7d8c6e7ffd2b   7 years stefano Music in levels
(edit) @581:48aa2074543f   7 years firxen Tweak hangar notes.
(edit) @580:19c6d80af71c   7 years firxen Better sheep doors.
(edit) @579:11df00cad29f   7 years hodgestar Note and alien.
(edit) @578:073d7361898b   7 years adrianna.pinska put yellow keycard in alien tunnel 1
(edit) @577:40a0c7f9cccf   7 years stefano Sheep -> hanger door
(edit) @576:65cba1692688   7 years stefano Hook up some doors
(edit) @575:afe748673076   7 years hodgestar Tweak gravity well.
(edit) @574:f0b2c2043f2a   7 years drnlmuller Mention attack key
(edit) @573:0fa5c56f1a6d   7 years drnlmuller Add keys hint to start
(edit) @572:27eeb112e366   7 years drnlmuller Add hint about Titan
(edit) @571:dcc06f1e24d7   7 years drnlmuller Add moonlight to hangar
(edit) @568:35168dbf76bd   7 years hodgestar Add gravity well.
(edit) @566:1474ed99aa82   7 years hodgestar Add sludge to store.
(edit) @565:196cc48c43fa   7 years adrianna.pinska revert last change
(edit) @564:7d8a44ef06b8   7 years adrianna.pinska fixed link from first alien tunnel to crew quarters
(edit) @563:a68951a9fe40   7 years decoydavid More Cargo bay.
(edit) @561:06ed0160cd92   7 years decoydavid Can the cargo bay get any worse?
(edit) @559:145d26878ecf   7 years stefano Initial sokobox
(edit) @558:4abf8cf717e9   7 years firxen Rename "bulkhead" to "hatch".
(edit) @556:6710bc95a80c   7 years hodgestar Mess door puzzle.
(edit) @553:a47100b28b7d   7 years adrianna.pinska the black goat with a thousand young
(edit) @552:e8bdcc34bb70   7 years hodgestar More aliens. More note.
(edit) @550:1bf96dd0c455   7 years firxen Spaceship bulkheads.
(edit) @547:39fa88b48531   7 years hodgestar Please wear goggles at all times while swimming.
(edit) @542:08721c50e7ec   7 years firxen Cockpit door.
(edit) @540:57a6ce38f8ea   7 years decoydavid Cargo what?
(edit) @539:37f018f70758   7 years hodgestar Aliens on Patrol.
(edit) @537:35e3c5ca99fd   7 years adrianna.pinska beginning of final level
(edit) @534:62784e479ed2   7 years decoydavid More cargo bay
(edit) @533:2def99545eb5   7 years drnlmuller Change floor tile for shuttles
(edit) @532:92e383d95295   7 years drnlmuller Fix doors
(edit) @529:3f6981264a8b   7 years hodgestar Enemies and keycard.
(edit) @527:276f664ec5da   7 years firxen Red keycard puzzle.
(edit) @526:1559f07a6003   7 years adrianna.pinska alien queen art
(edit) @525:2bc7d2195f36   7 years hodgestar Chopped light.
(edit) @522:846aacf92d59   7 years hodgestar Acid and light.
(edit) @519:ddd86cb25945   7 years firxen Updated hangar.
(edit) @517:51b5b8bf505a   7 years adrianna.pinska added some puzzles to the tunnels
(edit) @514:04066416fcec   7 years hodgestar Acid pool.
(edit) @509:eaeb6b060e67   7 years adrianna.pinska moar keycards
(edit) @508:9a7e9a3f4c46   7 years hodgestar Close poly.
(edit) @507:e4260039c0fb   7 years adrianna.pinska removed one big blobby alien tunnel
(edit) @506:67de3c1da0f1   7 years adrianna.pinska split out third alien chamber
(edit) @504:45df0f5eac53   7 years adrianna.pinska split out second alien chamber
(edit) @502:b6c452243677   7 years hodgestar Fix link to alientunnels.
(edit) @501:abdb60607147   7 years hodgestar All doors linked up.
(edit) @500:6ca8fc93a40d   7 years adrianna.pinska split out first alien chamber
(edit) @499:e08f4ba62944   7 years hodgestar More doors.
(edit) @497:7ee5d8cfed37   7 years firxen Sheep herding done.
(edit) @496:4bd6fb1e3f6a   7 years hodgestar Better link back to cargo bay.
(edit) @495:aa750715c64f   7 years decoydavid Level stuff!
(edit) @494:dafd618bd051   7 years hodgestar More doors.
(edit) @492:224604687a8f   7 years decoydavid Added cargo bay.
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