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(edit) @364:72a91d64c088   9 years firxen Keycard doors.
(edit) @363:3dd08e18580f   9 years stefano Acid attacks shoot things that look like acid
(edit) @360:ba7a5159a69b   9 years firxen Keycard art.
(edit) @359:d42752ab3231   9 years firxen Refactor doors and add horrible temporoary image for someone to fix later.
(edit) @357:d2c7e17299a7   9 years firxen Moonlight tiles force wolf form.
(edit) @352:bf43cc2d8d0a   9 years drnlmuller Demo acid
(edit) @350:4a665dc554b4   9 years drnlmuller Add an acidish tile
(edit) @346:282113d86d75   9 years firxen Save door and lever state.
(edit) @332:ffefb93127c5   9 years adrianna.pinska laser gun
(edit) @329:6376730611f4   9 years adrianna.pinska magenta laser blast
(edit) @327:fdda26d1f672   9 years hodgestar Fix out by one error.
(edit) @326:1ed9686f6dba   9 years hodgestar Remove name from new_game door for now (since it breaks the assumption …
(edit) @324:b4f9205b8a34   9 years hodgestar Remove key_state from new game door.
(edit) @323:b59a3e530265   9 years hodgestar A spaceship level (aka were you start).
(edit) @322:a4e93b1086b8   9 years hodgestar Load all levels.
(edit) @320:d13d5425da95   9 years adrianna.pinska have a heart
(edit) @317:a5fe5a69689d   9 years stefano Actually use the base tile specified in the level
(edit) @316:6868cf0911d9   9 years adrianna.pinska why are floors so hard?
(edit) @314:c039cf8bd4e6   9 years adrianna.pinska sheep
(edit) @311:efe28e9d510a   9 years David Sharpe Now with the attack image
(edit) @306:3118589aeb11   9 years hodgestar Sonata!
(edit) @304:83477a7642b4   9 years adrianna.pinska dead aliens
(edit) @300:ff5d0247f979   9 years adrianna.pinska layer bugfix
(edit) @299:bd6ed03be9f6   9 years adrianna.pinska better eyestalk action
(edit) @294:a2120ba50eb6   9 years adrianna.pinska a lever
(edit) @286:248b8fdb160c   9 years firxen Collect gun (which currently looks like a bullet) to shoot.
(edit) @282:9d186b897d82   9 years firxen Toggle switch, sans art.
(edit) @281:9b56e954c674   9 years firxen Protagonist actions, now required for operating doors.
(edit) @278:e72025e9aa07   9 years drnlmuller simple slow charging alien
(edit) @273:62a9ff475598   9 years drnlmuller Swap order of S frames, so U-turns aren't as freaky
(edit) @271:4d97e617ab83   9 years hodgestar Sources for sounds.
(edit) @270:cb6d03012053   9 years hodgestar First sound and music.
(edit) @263:6c554ce627e3   9 years drnlmuller Add angle to doors
(edit) @261:db7c8e74efb4   9 years stefano (really rubbish) bullets
(edit) @260:e723b313c958   9 years adrianna.pinska note is now a terminal
(edit) @254:e86d1b8f37e2   9 years adrianna.pinska door
(edit) @253:4350e3f80ef8   9 years adrianna.pinska west-facing human
(edit) @250:d9a54f152ac3   9 years adrianna.pinska west-facing werewolf
(edit) @242:cf1d78238a69   9 years David Sharpe Merge
(edit) @234:aa11ecee56b8   9 years adrianna.pinska north-facing human
(edit) @232:3c31f9d4298e   9 years adrianna.pinska protagonist rename of doom
(edit) @229:329b3044ddef   9 years firxen Much better facing renderers.
(edit) @228:316cff60a309   9 years adrianna.pinska generated pngs for south-facing human
(edit) @224:b6db213e53a2   9 years firxen Bulkheads are bits of wall you can walk through.
(edit) @213:4af3473d6f0d   9 years stefano Build PNGs
(edit) @209:ad1d3de210cd   9 years stefano Drop compatibility imports, and allow an optional module on classnames
(edit) @197:34c11bb5c96e   9 years firxen Interior walls.
(edit) @194:3477f5a28605   9 years stefano Note image
(edit) @191:e080fcd07fa9   9 years stefano Overlay notes
(edit) @189:b6c1a9448d7d   9 years firxen Activate door with switch.
(edit) @182:7e3c01d15b10   9 years drnlmuller Re-canonicalize level1 after rebase merge
(edit) @181:0e5bae238a92   9 years drnlmuller Fix destintion and add internal door
(edit) @178:5cabbb485ad5   9 years stefano Round-tripped levels through the editor to canonicalize them
(edit) @177:bf11d3bb2d6b   9 years drnlmuller Add doors to the levels
(edit) @174:3221eaa77568   9 years drnlmuller Add a level2
(edit) @172:60e7c1c204e8   9 years drnlmuller Very placeholder art for door
(edit) @169:8c3b88b34a9c   9 years drnlmuller Add alien to level1
(edit) @158:59f05553ffd4   9 years stefano Moar PNGs
(edit) @150:ebdb910257da   9 years stefano Rebuild PNG
(edit) @148:473b5a1dfb43   9 years stefano Build new PNGs
(edit) @145:0c49627920eb   9 years firxen Load game objects from level.
(edit) @141:076448ba0582   9 years stefano Add a trailing newline
(edit) @139:d1f543ff0805   9 years stefano YAML levels
(edit) @77:ed93ee0a9770   9 years stefano Make the polygon in level1 much bigger
(edit) @75:79748a884eb5   9 years stefano Put levels in a levels directory
(edit) @70:ff9e40ae616f   9 years stefano Creature PNGs
(edit) @50:94d47bfcc7bb   9 years drnlmuller Approximate levels and walls
(edit) @49:91fd5edc6ca9   9 years stefano Built some images
(edit) @40:5ef22357291a   9 years drnlmuller Move tiles under images for resource loading
(edit) @38:53c47434b744   9 years drnlmuller Add a placeholder floor tile
(edit) @33:d9b65cf72db4   9 years stefano Prettier resource loading module
(edit) @29:58505d3482b6   9 years stefano Text on the menu screen
(add) @0:1ea8fa09b70f   9 years drnlmuller Add skellington
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