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(edit) @241:ec567098cf41   8 years David Sharpe Merge
(edit) @240:f89576cec59a   8 years David Sharpe Updated TODOs
(edit) @239:30137dc83a72   8 years drnlmuller Can has delete objects
(edit) @238:28d906fc2ab1   8 years drnlmuller Add a world object to collect some stats
(edit) @237:6995dbefdbfb   8 years drnlmuller Add multiline widget
(edit) @236:261fd65a8816   8 years drnlmuller More work towards object editing
(edit) @235:831e4f6b3d18   8 years drnlmuller Add hints for the level editor
(edit) @234:aa11ecee56b8   8 years adrianna.pinska north-facing human
(edit) @233:c3c21539044d   8 years firxen Update TODO.txt.
(edit) @232:3c31f9d4298e   8 years adrianna.pinska protagonist rename of doom
(edit) @231:eba98879f47f   8 years stefano Avoid indirection in Makefile
(edit) @230:a3db94687ce2   8 years firxen Remove unused stuff.
(edit) @229:329b3044ddef   8 years firxen Much better facing renderers.
(edit) @228:316cff60a309   8 years adrianna.pinska generated pngs for south-facing human
(edit) @227:acecb3d9b438   8 years adrianna.pinska human facing south
(edit) @226:e89a43d208b9   8 years stefano A stupid, simple menu
(edit) @225:c8ead015c48e   8 years drnlmuller Display list of objects to edit / delete
(edit) @224:b6db213e53a2   8 years firxen Bulkheads are bits of wall you can walk through.
(edit) @223:4197350b9897   8 years drnlmuller Always show objects in objects mode
(edit) @222:cc5f2a5ac501   8 years stefano Overlays belong in render
(edit) @221:0c0d5919f70a   8 years firxen Fix embarrassing leftover underscore.
(edit) @220:06c52529e2ed   8 years drnlmuller Add placeholder object mode menu
(edit) @219:f9e92d540bfa   8 years firxen Less hacky rotation suppression.
(edit) @218:9e2ef2f15035   8 years firxen Better rendering and movement detection.
(edit) @217:d98daba73055   8 years firxen Composition-based renderers.
(edit) @216:f23ab2dd6ce8   8 years firxen Clunkier properties to make pyflakes happy.
(edit) @215:325c317cbfa1   8 years firxen Better protagonist physicser.
(edit) @214:d3d602a527bd   8 years stefano Screenshot
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