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(edit) @264:c1d862334e3d   9 years drnlmuller PEP8
(edit) @263:6c554ce627e3   9 years drnlmuller Add angle to doors
(edit) @262:521f73061872   9 years drnlmuller Better reporting of object errors. Fix incorrect assumption about ordering
(edit) @261:db7c8e74efb4   9 years stefano (really rubbish) bullets
(edit) @260:e723b313c958   9 years adrianna.pinska note is now a terminal
(edit) @259:f23be1013c94   9 years drnlmuller Fix function signature
(edit) @258:083053422a84   9 years David Sharpe Added collision damage with enemies.
(edit) @257:c00022002c63   9 years David Sharpe PEP8
(edit) @256:2a0bad886956   9 years firxen Collision handlers get the protagonist.
(edit) @255:d4928d4a661a   9 years drnlmuller Object editing
(edit) @254:e86d1b8f37e2   9 years adrianna.pinska door
(edit) @253:4350e3f80ef8   9 years adrianna.pinska west-facing human
(edit) @252:73d6abf5ba22   9 years stefano Save game state
(edit) @251:611370331bd1   9 years drnlmuller Add framework of edit object dialog
(edit) @250:d9a54f152ac3   9 years adrianna.pinska west-facing werewolf
(edit) @249:cb391935791f   9 years David Sharpe Stuff.
(edit) @248:b86a88ed87a1   9 years David Sharpe More pep8
(edit) @247:70d696b82399   9 years David Sharpe Pep8
(edit) @246:281c54cefe08   9 years David Sharpe Added health to protagonist.
(edit) @245:21da1b41bbb6   9 years David Sharpe Merge
(edit) @244:93a20b51963f   9 years David Sharpe Merge
(edit) @243:46707efbb3a5   9 years David Sharpe Added health bar to main screen.
(edit) @242:cf1d78238a69   9 years David Sharpe Merge
(edit) @241:ec567098cf41   9 years David Sharpe Merge
(edit) @240:f89576cec59a   9 years David Sharpe Updated TODOs
(edit) @239:30137dc83a72   9 years drnlmuller Can has delete objects
(edit) @238:28d906fc2ab1   9 years drnlmuller Add a world object to collect some stats
(edit) @237:6995dbefdbfb   9 years drnlmuller Add multiline widget
(edit) @236:261fd65a8816   9 years drnlmuller More work towards object editing
(edit) @235:831e4f6b3d18   9 years drnlmuller Add hints for the level editor
(edit) @234:aa11ecee56b8   9 years adrianna.pinska north-facing human
(edit) @233:c3c21539044d   9 years firxen Update TODO.txt.
(edit) @232:3c31f9d4298e   9 years adrianna.pinska protagonist rename of doom
(edit) @231:eba98879f47f   9 years stefano Avoid indirection in Makefile
(edit) @230:a3db94687ce2   9 years firxen Remove unused stuff.
(edit) @229:329b3044ddef   9 years firxen Much better facing renderers.
(edit) @228:316cff60a309   9 years adrianna.pinska generated pngs for south-facing human
(edit) @227:acecb3d9b438   9 years adrianna.pinska human facing south
(edit) @226:e89a43d208b9   9 years stefano A stupid, simple menu
(edit) @225:c8ead015c48e   9 years drnlmuller Display list of objects to edit / delete
(edit) @224:b6db213e53a2   9 years firxen Bulkheads are bits of wall you can walk through.
(edit) @223:4197350b9897   9 years drnlmuller Always show objects in objects mode
(edit) @222:cc5f2a5ac501   9 years stefano Overlays belong in render
(edit) @221:0c0d5919f70a   9 years firxen Fix embarrassing leftover underscore.
(edit) @220:06c52529e2ed   9 years drnlmuller Add placeholder object mode menu
(edit) @219:f9e92d540bfa   9 years firxen Less hacky rotation suppression.
(edit) @218:9e2ef2f15035   9 years firxen Better rendering and movement detection.
(edit) @217:d98daba73055   9 years firxen Composition-based renderers.
(edit) @216:f23ab2dd6ce8   9 years firxen Clunkier properties to make pyflakes happy.
(edit) @215:325c317cbfa1   9 years firxen Better protagonist physicser.
(edit) @214:d3d602a527bd   9 years stefano Screenshot
(edit) @213:4af3473d6f0d   9 years stefano Build PNGs
(edit) @212:ad9cdd130654   9 years adrianna.pinska werewolf facing north
(edit) @211:434b5a3aaaff   9 years drnlmuller Pass display offset to overlays for when the display is larger than …
(edit) @210:f2128ddc0acd   9 years adrianna.pinska werewolf facing south
(edit) @209:ad1d3de210cd   9 years stefano Drop compatibility imports, and allow an optional module on classnames
(edit) @208:3d54fe7a2998   9 years firxen Fun with mass and friction.
(edit) @207:42e8993c31fd   9 years stefano Break out Renderers
(edit) @206:42c565c5ce76   9 years drnlmuller PEP8
(edit) @205:51f979ddddbb   9 years drnlmuller Munge in interior wall drawing
(edit) @204:687459429550   9 years drnlmuller Display interior walls and start working towards drawing them
(edit) @203:917e721f170e   9 years stefano And another puzzler for level-importing
(edit) @202:63d7ab8ede83   9 years stefano Level doesn't gave a get_drawables() getter any more, that was rubbish
(edit) @201:3495a2025bc6   9 years stefano Break puzzlers out of
(edit) @200:dc0cc8228e2a   9 years firxen Fix protagonist physicsers.
(edit) @199:c291fd4b49bf   9 years drnlmuller Add showing objects to the level editor
(edit) @198:05c2c592ce2e   9 years drnlmuller Add dummy check boxes
(edit) @197:34c11bb5c96e   9 years firxen Interior walls.
(edit) @196:40f618978c00   9 years stefano Overlays that don't suck as much
(edit) @195:b8701c0bb184   9 years drnlmuller Reorder startup to avoid pygame init issues
(edit) @194:3477f5a28605   9 years stefano Note image
(edit) @193:d862cc209de4   9 years drnlmuller Add some notes on requirements to the readme
(edit) @192:3dc2b6290e66   9 years firxen Document collision handler a little better.
(edit) @191:e080fcd07fa9   9 years stefano Overlay notes
(edit) @190:97627a999042   9 years drnlmuller Don't render the old scene with the protagnist's new position during …
(edit) @189:b6c1a9448d7d   9 years firxen Activate door with switch.
(edit) @188:3894cfe15823   9 years firxen Better collision handling, potentially locked doors.
(edit) @187:42a10c4f70c8   9 years stefano Err, in pymunk coordinates
(edit) @186:d63c19003aec   9 years firxen Some refactoring and fixing, start of better collision handling.
(edit) @185:dfacd08b8566   9 years stefano Make FloorSwitchPuzzler are more generic CollidePuzzler
(edit) @184:e003b994c48b   9 years stefano Output coordinates from the level editor, to help place things
(edit) @183:7ffb43164042   9 years stefano We have doors
(edit) @182:7e3c01d15b10   9 years drnlmuller Re-canonicalize level1 after rebase merge
(edit) @181:0e5bae238a92   9 years drnlmuller Fix destintion and add internal door
(edit) @180:026297a03963   9 years drnlmuller Add DoorEvent and tweak ScreenChange to keep more state when the …
(edit) @179:1ee8756888e4   9 years drnlmuller Add some state manipulation helper methods
(edit) @178:5cabbb485ad5   9 years stefano Round-tripped levels through the editor to canonicalize them
(edit) @177:bf11d3bb2d6b   9 years drnlmuller Add doors to the levels
(edit) @176:054944c6472b   9 years drnlmuller Initial door object
(edit) @175:f409af31cb7b   9 years drnlmuller add level2 to list of screens
(edit) @174:3221eaa77568   9 years drnlmuller Add a level2
(edit) @173:197a41520ad1   9 years drnlmuller Tweak resources.get_file to allow creating non-existant files
(edit) @172:60e7c1c204e8   9 years drnlmuller Very placeholder art for door
(edit) @171:04f7bd640c73   9 years adrianna.pinska outstanding art TODO
(edit) @170:99283e157da9   9 years drnlmuller Update TODO a bit
(edit) @169:8c3b88b34a9c   9 years drnlmuller Add alien to level1
(edit) @168:ce8d4fc3baf4   9 years drnlmuller A patrolling alien
(edit) @167:bb297f3f99f4   9 years drnlmuller Allow using right mouse button to drag level display
(edit) @166:f73aba2e46bd   9 years drnlmuller Remove stale debugging print
(edit) @165:dba8bc454a43   9 years drnlmuller Fix 'fill exterior' button
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