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(edit) @363:3dd08e18580f   8 years stefano Acid attacks shoot things that look like acid
(edit) @362:d0aeb893967d   8 years drnlmuller Transparent moonlight
(edit) @361:534eac55a178   8 years stefano ChargingEnemy spits acid
(edit) @360:ba7a5159a69b   8 years firxen Keycard art.
(edit) @359:d42752ab3231   8 years firxen Refactor doors and add horrible temporoary image for someone to fix later.
(edit) @358:911547a1c378   8 years stefano Kill dead speed limits
(edit) @357:d2c7e17299a7   8 years firxen Moonlight tiles force wolf form.
(edit) @356:582a96e5fdac   8 years David Sharpe Tweaks to the claw attack.
(edit) @355:9589e1db4433   8 years drnlmuller Allow copying polygon 6 into terrain objects
(edit) @354:55752fc7b753   8 years drnlmuller Add convex requirement to hint
(edit) @353:b67ea65dae2b   8 years drnlmuller Faster tiled renderer
(edit) @352:bf43cc2d8d0a   8 years drnlmuller Demo acid
(edit) @351:50fce787ae17   8 years drnlmuller Hostile terrian objects
(edit) @350:4a665dc554b4   8 years drnlmuller Add an acidish tile
(edit) @349:c4285f19894c   8 years drnlmuller Add a tiled renderer
(edit) @348:f0e8970ab804   8 years drnlmuller Split out tiling into utility function
(edit) @347:dced49dd9864   8 years firxen Health bar transparency.
(edit) @346:282113d86d75   8 years firxen Save door and lever state.
(edit) @345:4708e86a9a3c   8 years stefano Remember start position on a level (a bit hacky)
(edit) @344:1d73867becbe   8 years stefano Allow tuples in dicts
(edit) @343:e5f525c87eb9   8 years drnlmuller Robustness fix
(edit) @342:11febdb72296   8 years stefano Resume from the previous level
(edit) @341:63d0c70a4e15   8 years firxen Enemies can hurt things again. (Oops.)
(edit) @340:eb24e74df4c3   8 years firxen Less violent werewolf health colour.
(edit) @339:9137e792307b   8 years firxen Use constants for health.
(edit) @338:0da3d9af277f   8 years firxen Better change sequence.
(edit) @337:004e3dd38336   8 years drnlmuller Re-enable no-sound option
(edit) @336:1d487646a4d4   8 years firxen Better key handling, form change delay.
(edit) @335:78b805549b4e   8 years firxen More interesting claw attack.
(edit) @334:a3f1b2f0e3fb   8 years firxen Physics-related cleanup.
(edit) @333:3dd32686dbc3   8 years firxen Better wolf claw attack.
(edit) @332:ffefb93127c5   8 years adrianna.pinska laser gun
(edit) @331:5030ef2718ae   8 years hodgestar Fix claw attack rendering a bit.
(edit) @330:6e32494b9f9e   8 years drnlmuller Move quit button away from other stuff
(edit) @329:6376730611f4   8 years adrianna.pinska magenta laser blast
(edit) @328:14339d2d46bc   8 years drnlmuller Only add objects with actual puzzlers to the glue
(edit) @327:fdda26d1f672   8 years hodgestar Fix out by one error.
(edit) @326:1ed9686f6dba   8 years hodgestar Remove name from new_game door for now (since it breaks the assumption …
(edit) @325:52b5a822be26   8 years hodgestar Load first level on play start.
(edit) @324:b4f9205b8a34   8 years hodgestar Remove key_state from new game door.
(edit) @323:b59a3e530265   8 years hodgestar A spaceship level (aka were you start).
(edit) @322:a4e93b1086b8   8 years hodgestar Load all levels.
(edit) @321:0d7885e2f063   8 years hodgestar Add means for listing levels and areas.
(edit) @320:d13d5425da95   8 years adrianna.pinska have a heart
(edit) @319:01e98732de46   8 years stefano Open bulkheads are no longer opaque to furniture
(edit) @318:26d1978fa1da   8 years stefano BOX is no longer accurate
(edit) @317:a5fe5a69689d   8 years stefano Actually use the base tile specified in the level
(edit) @316:6868cf0911d9   8 years adrianna.pinska why are floors so hard?
(edit) @315:78bc8c873f7f   8 years hodgestar Fix typo.
(edit) @314:c039cf8bd4e6   8 years adrianna.pinska sheep
(edit) @313:768e1d06155f   8 years David Sharpe PEP8
(edit) @312:72aca01c87ed   8 years David Sharpe Basic claw attack, stealing liberally from other people's code! ;)
(edit) @311:efe28e9d510a   8 years David Sharpe Now with the attack image
(edit) @310:fa408430a174   8 years stefano Now *both* types of enemies die
(edit) @309:2b0494b3ce6a   8 years firxen Werewolf form heals every second.
(edit) @308:3dee86b6c216   8 years stefano Enemies leave corpses
(edit) @307:c2bbb1e70d6f   8 years drnlmuller Rename animate to update and pass seconds, for future fun
(edit) @306:3118589aeb11   8 years hodgestar Sonata!
(edit) @305:ce11e1cae0ed   8 years stefano Enemies now die
(edit) @304:83477a7642b4   8 years adrianna.pinska dead aliens
(edit) @303:24bd56bd17bd   8 years drnlmuller Fix timing issues
(edit) @302:a0a471ad2ee8   8 years stefano Pass bullet hits through to the target
(edit) @301:893f148a2f13   8 years firxen Walls need WALL_COLLISION_TYPE.
(edit) @300:ff5d0247f979   8 years adrianna.pinska layer bugfix
(edit) @299:bd6ed03be9f6   8 years adrianna.pinska better eyestalk action
(edit) @298:6d37df235c4d   8 years hodgestar Outline of a story!
(edit) @297:b00ed05f7364   8 years stefano Create a tuple of bullet position, so we don't just hold a reference …
(edit) @296:eb08426a58fe   8 years firxen Levers look like levers.
(edit) @295:b398b0bc3f17   8 years stefano Bullets don't collide with sensors
(edit) @294:a2120ba50eb6   8 years adrianna.pinska a lever
(edit) @293:47226c661ae2   8 years stefano Bullets that mostly die when they hit things
(edit) @292:7b121ed73b95   8 years firxen --no-music flag.
(edit) @291:c0e563fdfd90   8 years stefano Faster bullet
(edit) @290:e3ec67b04c03   8 years davidf Avoid long lines
(edit) @289:d7ab2594f8d2   8 years davidf Merge
(edit) @288:e2cf46a4eeaf   8 years davidf Merge branch
(edit) @287:67387621c61b   8 years davidf Added requirements.txt and use it from
(edit) @286:248b8fdb160c   8 years firxen Collect gun (which currently looks like a bullet) to shoot.
(edit) @285:ef4f6375c0b5   8 years drnlmuller Basic death
(edit) @284:26682f1b8c59   8 years stefano Those tabs were irritating me
(edit) @283:1dd05d03ad21   8 years stefano Fire on Ctrl too (z isn't convenient on Dvorak)
(edit) @282:9d186b897d82   8 years firxen Toggle switch, sans art.
(edit) @281:9b56e954c674   8 years firxen Protagonist actions, now required for operating doors.
(edit) @280:7bb6296024c4   8 years drnlmuller Add current mode hints
(edit) @279:9f68e22c1e58   8 years drnlmuller Don't crash on empty walls
(edit) @278:e72025e9aa07   8 years drnlmuller simple slow charging alien
(edit) @277:56e42c00da25   8 years drnlmuller Protagonist and enemies should see the world
(edit) @276:3153196517fc   8 years drnlmuller Move protagonist to the world
(edit) @275:2abb61878bb1   8 years drnlmuller Add a 'select object' with pop-up for easier editing
(edit) @274:988cf7c8b402   8 years drnlmuller Add object returns for use in the level editor
(edit) @273:62a9ff475598   8 years drnlmuller Swap order of S frames, so U-turns aren't as freaky
(edit) @272:933c2f9371ca   8 years hodgestar Stop music when the level ends.
(edit) @271:4d97e617ab83   8 years hodgestar Sources for sounds.
(edit) @270:cb6d03012053   8 years hodgestar First sound and music.
(edit) @269:9fcdb106424a   8 years hodgestar Add first draft of sound support.
(edit) @268:dda7689a3e87   8 years hodgestar Add generic tmp folder to hgignore.
(edit) @267:a437bee9e74e   8 years drnlmuller The daily screenshot
(edit) @266:9d05f0c4bca3   8 years David Sharpe Pep8
(edit) @265:8a695b8ecd6c   8 years David Sharpe Correcting damage application
(edit) @264:c1d862334e3d   8 years drnlmuller PEP8
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