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(edit) @698:020e73192fe2   5 months drnlmuller Update debian urls tip
(edit) @697:15d304a1b54b   5 months drnlmuller Fix url in
(edit) @696:5bba86df5860   10 months stefano pulseaudio plug replaced by audio-playback
(edit) @695:793c4bc29bb4   11 months stefano A snap
(edit) @694:c5be55acf470   11 months stefano pymunk 5 breaks nagslang
(edit) @693:a06689439eb0   11 months stefano Don't use pip to parse requirements.txt. This was not a public API
(edit) @692:6cd8182a05d8   11 months stefano Install data via
(edit) @691:1eecaa7ed894   11 months drnlmuller fix
(edit) @690:9ae338ad2416   11 months drnlmuller Add print_function import
(edit) @689:45d2a6aef3a4   11 months drnlmuller Some flake8 fixes
(edit) @688:a60c5e0131e8   7 years adrianna.pinska and these were modified for no apparent reason v0.1.x
(edit) @687:6e7d1d78e73a   7 years adrianna.pinska changed title font v0.1.x
(edit) @686:ffac68f1c5ce   7 years drnlmuller Update action tests
(edit) @685:7ad528f7d17c   7 years drnlmuller Flesh out mock objects for puzzle tests
(edit) @684:f3e79d6225b5   7 years drnlmuller Add fake world for the level tests
(edit) @683:4e29650dba50   7 years firxen Improve sheep puzzle hint. (Thanks Cosmologicon.)
(edit) @682:daccacf566dc   7 years firxen Name the .dmg.
(edit) @681:3431e9c3655b   7 years firxen Give up and add apologetic text file to OSX package.
(edit) @680:589e43580fda   7 years stefano Steal description from the pyweek entry page
(edit) @679:8cb7d9aa39e0   7 years stefano Homepage is up
(edit) @678:b6d7499e267d   7 years stefano Copy pasta :(
(edit) @677:e56449284b21   7 years stefano Set the icon
(edit) @676:da7c9e269a70   7 years firxen Maybe build a dmg?
(edit) @675:224608ca8447   7 years stefano Debian packaging
(edit) @674:03fc9cf0f556   7 years drnlmuller We have icons now, so I suppose is needed.
(edit) @673:62b9eac8e236   7 years stefano 24 and 48 are probably useful
(edit) @672:b9c29fd56b1e   7 years stefano Icons
(edit) @671:09c76e7ce675   7 years stefano Icon generation in Makefile
(edit) @670:87c6ede3b10b   7 years drnlmuller Beware py2exe's rabbitholes, for they are windy and full of teeth …
(edit) @669:30ae339d7224   7 years drnlmuller py2exe packaging
(edit) @668:700ebab5240a   7 years drnlmuller Tweak for py2exe
(edit) @667:1ffd49c34f4a   7 years drnlmuller Backed out changeset a538d791ff9c - should have been on default, not v0.1.x v0.1.x
(edit) @666:59d28ed05f7c   7 years drnlmuller pygame.mixer.Sound is too clever by half and should be shot repeatedly
(edit) @665:a538d791ff9c   7 years drnlmuller pygame.mixer.Sound is too clever by half and should be shot repeatedly v0.1.x
(edit) @664:44652ef427ad   7 years adrianna.pinska updated authors in licence v0.1.x
(edit) @663:6ad5db85376e   7 years adrianna.pinska wrong attack key v0.1.x
(edit) @662:158df12a4b2a   7 years hodgestar Close bugfixes branch. bugfixes
(edit) @661:ceb085d5787b   7 years hodgestar Merge bugfixes into default.
(edit) @660:b33302b32f65   7 years hodgestar Branch 0.1.x. v0.1.x
(edit) @659:089c9ea4a652   7 years hodgestar Screenshot from final diary entry.
(edit) @658:795f1ab6494c   7 years adrianna.pinska updated authors in licence bugfixes
(edit) @657:2b9f3bd74635   7 years adrianna.pinska wrong attack key bugfixes
(edit) @656:2d408092bbae   7 years drnlmuller Cleanup collision handlers when we're done with the space bugfixes
(edit) @655:baacd0462d8e   7 years drnlmuller Fix tile animation bugfixes
(edit) @654:ba671e4c2985   7 years hodgestar Added tag nagslang-0.1 for changeset 958db47db179
(edit) @653:958db47db179   7 years hodgestar Version 0.1. nagslang-0.1
(edit) @652:4a334fb55348   7 years decoydavid Merge
(edit) @651:9bc02ea5f9d8   7 years decoydavid Someone forgot the sheep!
(edit) @650:92c3e02792dc   7 years stefano Splash is too long
(edit) @649:02b38f41cd6b   7 years adrianna.pinska outline the font
(edit) @648:9346fa37f887   7 years adrianna.pinska title which is the right size
(edit) @647:aeb366d97774   7 years stefano Show splash image on startup
(edit) @646:45dbbc4c1fd0   7 years stefano Restart text for end screen
(edit) @645:457d0e05e16a   7 years adrianna.pinska title image
(edit) @644:ae77da0e8439   7 years decoydavid Merge
(edit) @643:4cf19c6734ec   7 years decoydavid Title
(edit) @642:f82e07bacc12   7 years adrianna.pinska svg icon
(edit) @641:35243e090a30   7 years hodgestar Update README.
(edit) @640:5b8a436ed08f   7 years adrianna.pinska rocket console
(edit) @639:0c7fcd207445   7 years decoydavid Merge
(edit) @638:30d7982f43dc   7 years decoydavid Merge
(edit) @637:756f93d4a2d4   7 years decoydavid Changed spawn location in finale.
(edit) @636:d66b6fce6f9b   7 years hodgestar Fix run_game.pyw
(edit) @635:1eed282b6dea   7 years hodgestar End sound.
(edit) @634:45eff33c3dad   7 years firxen Increased health.
(edit) @633:cf276bb2a854   7 years hodgestar Unix build script.
(edit) @632:ef7018eaaec2   7 years hodgestar Update
(edit) @631:6da2e60d25eb   7 years firxen More interesting notes.
(edit) @630:c2ba451901dc   7 years stefano Werewolves should take *some* damage
(edit) @629:6b4c755c133e   7 years drnlmuller More attack range on spawned aliens
(edit) @628:db960388b912   7 years hodgestar Blast off home.
(edit) @627:c838c7d3d252   7 years firxen More hangar notes.
(edit) @626:48483396303c   7 years stefano Reset health on level change
(edit) @625:e9e73ec9b18a   7 years hodgestar End notes!
(edit) @624:59d375111cc5   7 years drnlmuller collider based moonlight and acid
(edit) @623:9f0e738ab4a5   7 years stefano Only issue the cyan keycard once
(edit) @622:3687d06c539f   7 years adrianna.pinska finale has hatches instead of doors
(edit) @621:e011e159b72d   7 years hodgestar Add end level.
(edit) @620:b0f6259a5a87   7 years hodgestar Alien Death Sounds.
(edit) @619:c58487b4b473   7 years decoydavid Merge
(edit) @618:cc94512d14f2   7 years decoydavid Merge
(edit) @617:2070ce83637b   7 years decoydavid Merge
(edit) @616:11a3ac7365cd   7 years decoydavid Fixed movement between hangar, crew and bloody cargo bloody bay. I …
(edit) @615:b641db4c4a8c   7 years stefano Correct linkage between alientunnel 2 & 3
(edit) @614:baff8131cd73   7 years firxen Heavier SokoBoxes? are sturdier.
(edit) @613:0b46e8524ec5   7 years stefano Link human and alien worlds
(edit) @612:d9e7009bec9f   7 years hodgestar Bullet sounds.
(edit) @611:c7411c70fe0e   7 years drnlmuller Change alien destinations
(edit) @610:29d67c51fd33   7 years firxen Better KeyedHatch?.
(edit) @609:9ea26b835271   7 years firxen KeyedHatch?
(edit) @608:9b9d529ba5d9   7 years hodgestar Allow music volume to be specified.
(edit) @607:29ced8b56895   7 years stefano Bigger gun
(edit) @606:db59a4aae6fd   7 years hodgestar Music files.
(edit) @605:3712911d6e8f   7 years hodgestar Sounds.
(edit) @604:0185d2b508c8   7 years stefano Don't leak mutators (leading to leaked images)
(edit) @603:c77257e849a1   7 years adrianna.pinska I mean cyan
(edit) @602:df5c2041e07f   7 years adrianna.pinska queen coughs up magenta keycard upon expiring
(edit) @601:19adab18ee7d   7 years hodgestar Add Gun to crew quarters.
(edit) @600:28af98fe38d7   7 years firxen Cuddlier sheep.
(edit) @599:8ce6a161854c   7 years adrianna.pinska finale almost done
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