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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
screens 656:2d408092bbae   8 years drnlmuller Cleanup collision handlers when we're done with the space
tests 685:7ad528f7d17c   8 years drnlmuller Flesh out mock objects for puzzle tests
widgets 498:7d376e66bfd2   8 years firxen Less transparent text. 59 bytes 0:1ea8fa09b70f   8 years drnlmuller Add skellington 911 bytes 677:e56449284b21   8 years stefano Set the icon 2.4 KB 601:19adab18ee7d   8 years hodgestar Add Gun to crew quarters. 1.6 KB 634:45eff33c3dad   8 years firxen Increased health. 12.6 KB 629:6b4c755c133e   8 years drnlmuller More attack range on spawned aliens 2.4 KB 647:aeb366d97774   8 years stefano Show splash image on startup 3.6 KB 359:d42752ab3231   8 years firxen Refactor doors and add horrible temporoary image for someone to fix later. 1.3 KB 520:3f79a77ef1e3   8 years stefano Ephemeral messages 28.2 KB 655:baacd0462d8e   8 years drnlmuller Fix tile animation 9.4 KB 608:9b9d529ba5d9   8 years hodgestar Allow music volume to be specified. 2.7 KB 604:0185d2b508c8   8 years stefano Don't leak mutators (leading to leaked images) 1.3 KB 454:803d53c86f7f   8 years stefano Don't show debugging shapes by default in DEBUG mode 13.6 KB 634:45eff33c3dad   8 years firxen Increased health. 4.0 KB 456:427d4a3c53d7   8 years firxen Better CollidePuzzler behaviour. 10.0 KB 647:aeb366d97774   8 years stefano Show splash image on startup 3.5 KB 670:87c6ede3b10b   8 years drnlmuller Beware py2exe's rabbitholes, for they are windy and full of teeth … 2.3 KB 665:a538d791ff9c   8 years drnlmuller pygame.mixer.Sound is too clever by half and should be shot repeatedly 1.6 KB 488:ae8eb7c0f7bb   8 years firxen Better wall and bulkhead drawing. 2.5 KB 530:bc053b9ab53f   8 years stefano Load on startup 8.1 KB 505:80c452f348dc   8 years stefano Rearrange progress saving, to happen on room entrance
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