source: nagslang@ 131:568476db7115

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
screens 127:fe1f0bb4ecf0   8 years drnlmuller Handle case of display larger than the level better
tests 130:67f18e72024d   8 years stefano Handle corner cases around quotes in strings
widgets 33:d9b65cf72db4   8 years stefano Prettier resource loading module 59 bytes 0:1ea8fa09b70f   8 years drnlmuller Add skellington 530 bytes 85:c56eeaabd850   8 years drnlmuller Make the window resizable 372 bytes 107:b90d01e4d9d4   8 years firxen Layered drawing. 1.8 KB 128:fbb073720bac   8 years drnlmuller Fill screen with black on scene changes, so small levels aren't … 3.1 KB 32:0e49648f8d74   8 years firxen Arbitrary function condition. 791 bytes 20:347667c941de   8 years hodgestar Hook up area. 7.3 KB 126:c3af35561494   8 years firxen Cleaner switch/light rendering. 6.3 KB 122:02423600d958   8 years drnlmuller Use dialogs to report save results 1.4 KB 56:b9430b4a48da   8 years stefano Now with a werewolf 905 bytes 14:17b233a54651   8 years stefano Docstring 4.1 KB 123:23b533d6f27e   8 years firxen Rearrange game objects a bit. 2.5 KB 54:2c1b85b6f457   8 years hodgestar Add .get_file() to resources. 276 bytes 29:58505d3482b6   8 years stefano Text on the menu screen 7.8 KB 131:568476db7115   8 years stefano Dump inline lists and dicts too
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