source: nagslang@ 173:197a41520ad1

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
screens 147:7d8e1682587f   9 years firxen Fix imports.
tests 164:06c681ff53aa   9 years drnlmuller Round-tripping through load/save shouldn't discard objects
widgets 33:d9b65cf72db4   9 years stefano Prettier resource loading module 59 bytes 0:1ea8fa09b70f   9 years drnlmuller Add skellington 530 bytes 85:c56eeaabd850   9 years drnlmuller Make the window resizable 397 bytes 168:ce8d4fc3baf4   9 years drnlmuller A patrolling alien 4.0 KB 168:ce8d4fc3baf4   9 years drnlmuller A patrolling alien 2.0 KB 142:cd77974b2a87   9 years stefano Send a fake resize event, to discover the real window size under a … 3.1 KB 32:0e49648f8d74   9 years firxen Arbitrary function condition. 791 bytes 20:347667c941de   9 years hodgestar Hook up area. 10.8 KB 162:507df17cfbaf   9 years firxen Pictures for lights and switches. 6.9 KB 168:ce8d4fc3baf4   9 years drnlmuller A patrolling alien 1.4 KB 56:b9430b4a48da   9 years stefano Now with a werewolf 905 bytes 14:17b233a54651   9 years stefano Docstring 8.3 KB 156:94a2456696af   9 years drnlmuller front and back views 3.1 KB 173:197a41520ad1   9 years drnlmuller Tweak resources.get_file to allow creating non-existant files 276 bytes 29:58505d3482b6   9 years stefano Text on the menu screen 8.0 KB 141:076448ba0582   9 years stefano Add a trailing newline
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