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Debian packaging

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1Source: werewolf-sonata
2Maintainer: Stefano Rivera <>
3Section: games
4Priority: optional
6 debhelper (>= 7.0.50~),
7 dh-python,
8 python,
9 python-setuptools (>= 0.6b3)
10Standards-Version: 3.9.4
11X-Python-Version: >= 2.6
15Package: werewolf-sonata
16Architecture: all
18 python,
19 python-pygame (>= 1.9.1),
20 ttf-dejavu-core,
21 ${misc:Depends},
22 ${python:Depends}
23Description: adventure puzzler game
24 A tale of intrigue and insurance.
25 .
26 All communications with the top secret research lab on Pandora, a moon
27 within Saturn's F ring, have been lost. A satellite fly-by indicated
28 the base was destroyed and the Dark Matter Holdings, owners of the
29 lab, filed an insurance claim.
30 .
31 Suspecting that the base had been conducting policy-violating
32 experiments Wolfram Insurance has dispatched Assessor Lyca to
33 investigate.
34 .
35 This package contains a bundled version of pymunk and libchipmunk, only built
36 for i386 and amd64.
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