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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
data 270:cb6d03012053   9 years hodgestar First sound and music.
nagslang 269:9fcdb106424a   9 years hodgestar Add first draft of sound support.
screenshots 267:a437bee9e74e   9 years drnlmuller The daily screenshot
scripts 30:9d17bf13f800   9 years hodgestar Don't munge sys.path -- rely on nagslang being installed.
source 261:db7c8e74efb4   9 years stefano (really rubbish) bullets
tools 262:521f73061872   9 years drnlmuller Better reporting of object errors. Fix incorrect assumption about ordering
.hgignore 114 bytes 268:dda7689a3e87   9 years hodgestar Add generic tmp folder to hgignore.
LICENSE.txt 1.2 KB 5:3bc765d452b8   9 years hodgestar MIT license file. 6.4 KB 2:e30d192e9031   9 years hodgestar Fix PEP8 errors.
README.txt 1.2 KB 193:d862cc209de4   9 years drnlmuller Add some notes on requirements to the readme 104 bytes 10:f7a0d6fd9f00   9 years stefano Some startup code
run_game.pyw 91 bytes 0:1ea8fa09b70f   9 years drnlmuller Add skellington 3.3 KB 12:2318792b83c6   9 years hodgestar Small PEP8 fixes and add author email.
TODO.txt 1.4 KB 242:cf1d78238a69   9 years David Sharpe Merge
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