Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
data 683:4e29650dba50   7 years firxen Improve sheep puzzle hint. (Thanks Cosmologicon.)
debian 698:020e73192fe2   12 months drnlmuller Update debian urls
nagslang 689:45d2a6aef3a4   18 months drnlmuller Some flake8 fixes
packaging 674:03fc9cf0f556   7 years drnlmuller We have icons now, so I suppose is needed.
screenshots 659:089c9ea4a652   7 years hodgestar Screenshot from final diary entry.
scripts 682:daccacf566dc   7 years firxen Name the .dmg.
snap 696:5bba86df5860   17 months stefano pulseaudio plug replaced by audio-playback
source 673:62b9eac8e236   7 years stefano 24 and 48 are probably useful
tools 691:1eecaa7ed894   18 months drnlmuller fix
.hgignore 114 bytes 268:dda7689a3e87   7 years hodgestar Add generic tmp folder to hgignore.
.hgtags 54 bytes 654:ba671e4c2985   7 years hodgestar Added tag nagslang-0.1 for changeset 958db47db179
LICENSE.txt 1.2 KB 658:795f1ab6494c   7 years adrianna.pinska updated authors in licence 271 bytes 692:6cd8182a05d8   18 months stefano Install data via 6.4 KB 2:e30d192e9031   7 years hodgestar Fix PEP8 errors.
README.txt 1.6 KB 657:2b9f3bd74635   7 years adrianna.pinska wrong attack key
requirements.txt 16 bytes 694:c5be55acf470   18 months stefano pymunk 5 breaks nagslang 104 bytes 10:f7a0d6fd9f00   7 years stefano Some startup code
run_game.pyw 81 bytes 636:d66b6fce6f9b   7 years hodgestar Fix run_game.pyw 3.3 KB 697:15d304a1b54b   12 months drnlmuller Fix url in
TODO.txt 1.4 KB 284:26682f1b8c59   7 years stefano Those tabs were irritating me
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